Tweets About "Pokemon Go" Servers Being Down Are Your Only Solace

Hello, and welcome to the apocalypse that is "Pokemon Go" servers going down on the second weekend of the app's existence! Unsurprisingly, the app is so popular that with all these users flooding in to use it on their days off, the servers can't quite, y'know, catch 'em all (help me). The only solace that we have are these hilarious tweets about "Pokemon Go" servers being down, because it turns out that when we aren't low key tearing a stranger from the yellow team to shreds at our local park, we're all actually quite witty!

First off, if you haven't found out about it already, there is an app you can download to tell you when the "Pokemon Go" servers are back online. I suggest you do that to save your sanity and also help maintain your focus while you think of the clever way you want express your angst on Twitter. For we all may be divided as Yellow, Red, and Blue, but on this day of days we are all of us united by one common cause: getting "Pokemon Go" back into our lives. Hopefully these Twitter reactions to the ~madness~ will help to make you feel less alone.

This Hardcore Gym Trainer

All Of Your Sad-Motions In One Pic

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

This Is The Literal Situation Going On In Your Phone

LOLOLOL, Going Outside For Real Humans

The Hanger Is So Real

What How When Why

Buh Bye, Real World

Poke-Trolls Are On The Way


This article is being updated with more tweets as they come in — hit me up on the Twitter if you've got a good one to share, y'all! In the meantime, check out our article on ways to cope when "Pokemon Go" is down. ALSO, BLUE TEAM FOR LIFE.

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