KathleenLights X Makeup Geek Twitter Reactions Show The People Are Ready For This Highlight Palette

This beauty vlogger definitely isn’t new to the makeup-creating game. But, in her most recent collab she’s releasing something we’ve never seen from her before. Twitter reactions to the KathleenLights X Makeup Geek highlight palette prove that people believe she’s more than capable of creating a killer glow.

Very few details have been released about the upcoming collaboration, but if it’s anything like her other eye shadow and lippie products, it’s sure to be amazing! Shortly after her fifth collection with ColourPop was released, she began teasing yet another incredible partnership. There’s no way that a palette created by these two forces in the makeup industry won’t be absolutely stunning.

Makeup Geek has previously teamed with MannyMUA, another beauty vlogger, and the eye shadow palette they created definitely did not disappoint. By the looks of the very few photos we have seen of KathleenLights rocking a killer highlight, this is going to be just as jaw-droppingly beautiful as those shimmering shadows were. See how the Internet’s reacting to her highlights. People haven’t even seen swatches yet, and they already love it. They’re begging for Makeup Geek to go on and take their money now, so, if that’s not a powerful palette, I don’t know what is!

She first teased the collab just a couple of days ago.

Thankfully, she didn't make us wait for long before letting us in on what she's creating.

But, so far, that's the only info she's giving out.

Check back next month for more updates, though!

KathleenLights loves a good glow, so I have a feeling that's exactly what her palette will bring.

In the meantime, go on and get just as excited as everyone else is about this.

1. Congrats

Congratulations are in order because this gal just keeps on churning out the collabs.

2. Need It

People already know they need this in their life.

3. First-Time Customer

Even people who have never shopped from Makeup Geek before are convinced that this will be worth it!

4. Take All The Money

Some are ready to hand over their money now.

5. Obsessed

It's hard not to obsess over a duo this good.

6. Need It

It's going to kill everyone to wait to find out more. We just need it now. OK? OK.

7. Could Not Ask For More

This is seriously the best.

8. Flawless

Can't wait to get my fierce glow on with this palette!

9. Make It Permanent

People are already hoping that this product will be a permanent part of the Makeup Geek collection.

10. No More Makeup, Wait...

A palette this good is just hard to say no to.

11. One Highlighter Is Not Enough

Nope, you can never have too many highlighters!

12. Zoom In

Because you just can't get a close enough look at this.

13. Slay

This palette is slayin'.

Now, all that's left to do is wait until it's available to shop! But, that's going to be easier said than done.

Image: kathleenlights/Instagram (1)