What Happened When A Couple Tried Standing Up Sex Positions In Public

Cosmopolitan has let out another video of real people trying sex positions, this time with a couple tackling a particularly difficult position: standing up sex. And I have to say, I'm pretty impressed, partially because the woman involved had some kind of expert-yoga level of balance and flexibility, and also because a lot of times these testing positions videos are complete disasters. Falling, things just not lining up, general awkwardness — standing up sex isn't easy to get into or stay in but the couple actually made it work.

Well, kind of. They're dressed in nude body suits so there's no actual sex happening. And we all know that just because things line up doesn't mean it actually works — or that there's a guarantee that it'll be pleasurable for anyone. But I think that these positions could really work. All you need to some lube and a dream... and being bendy AF like the lady here certainly doesn't hurt.

Here's how the standing positions worked out in the video, because if she can do it in heels then anyone can do it:

1. Standing Ovation

I'm glad that they decided to test this on what seems to be a very crowded pavilion, check out all the people in the background. Also squatting in those heels deserves some real respect— but imagine adding some actual penetration and thrusting into this.

2. Standing Leg Stretch

Seriously, someone was doing there pilates before they attempted these. If you can hold this position for more than 10 second you might be a witch.

3. The Booty Bender

And this position is literally just a downward facing dog. That being said, it seems like the most realistic and easiest to maintain in real life to me. Completely with a calming sea in the background.

4. The Double Leg Lift

She ran at him to get into this position. Ran and jumped — imagine how much that would hurt him if it goes wrong. Just aim carefully. A sexy position for sure, but another that seems easier to demonstrate than to actually have sex in.

5. The Lusty Leg Pop

Now this one is doable. Unless you're actually doing this in a park (not recommended) you're going to need to replace the bench with something. Bathtub? Couch? Chair? You've got a lot of options, but this provides tons of stability for both of you and hands free to play with your clit. Highly recommended.

Check out the video here.

Images: Cosmopolitan