This "Pokemon Go" Love Song Is The Anthem Of The Summer — VIDEO

Our collective obsession with “Pokemon Go” has sparked its fair share of new romances (and broken up a few, too), so it’s only natural that the game would get its own romantic ballad. Last week, an Australian band released its very own “Pokemon Go” love song. It’s called “The Pokemon GO Song” (naturally), and it chronicles the exhilaration and heartbreak of falling in love via an addictive AR game. “Pokemon Go” and Chill may be a new way to meet like-minded partners, but — as this song warns — things can go awry when your partner loves “Pokemon Go” more than you.

The Stiffys, an art rock band based in Melbourne, Australia, released their “Pokemon Go” anthem last week. In an intro to the video for the song, bass player Jason Leigh explained the band’s motivation for writing the song. As with the rest of humanity, the game had taken over the band’s lives:

The song recounts a guy’s romance with his “Pokemon Go”-loving girlfriend. The singer fondly remembers the first Pokemon they caught together (Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Clearly the didn’t know about the hack that lets you catch Pikachu first.)


This romance isn’t all candy and star dust, however. The singer quickly learns that it’s hard to hold on to someone “who wants to be the very best, like no one ever was!”

“She found me, then she threw my like I’m just a Pokeball,” he sings. Ouch.

In the song’s chorus, it’s clear that, not only has this girl ditched her BF for “Pokemon Go,” she’s also completely disregarded personal safety:

She’s walking out in traffic when she’s on her game.

Jumpin’ on the brakes while we’re in the fast lane.

She doesn’t want to call me, she just wants to train.

She’s on another level that I can’t explain.

We’ve already heard lots of stories about bad things that can happen to “Pokemon Go” players who aren’t paying attention (For example, one teen got hit by a car, and two guys fell off a cliff). The Stiffys take their story to its logical conclusion:

My girl was in the middle of a midnight chase.

A car came out of nowhere, hit the brakes.

There’s nothing he could do ’cuz it was pouring rain

Now I might have lost her, but I’ve got her game.

I love this. It’s like “Leader of the Pack” for the modern age. Except that, instead of mourning his dead girlfriend, the singer mostly seems pumped about getting all of her Pokemon.

The moral to the story? Pay attention to your surroundings, Pokeplayers! (And maybe don’t date people who lack your dedication to catching them all. It only leads to resentment.)

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