Will Jordan Rodgers Be 'The Bachelor? To Chris Harrison I Say, Put Him In Coach!

Love him or hate him, Jordan Rodgers has definitely made an impact on JoJo Fletcher’s Bachelorette heart. These two are really into each other, but we Bachelorette fans can’t count our chickens before they hatch — anything could happen in the next few weeks. Hometowns and Fantasy Suite dates are coming up fast, and JoJo is not married yet. What if she doesn’t like Jordan’s family? What if they don’t like her? Stranger things have happened on The Bachelorette. That’s why, if JoJo does not pick him, Jordan Rodgers should be the next Bachelor.

Jordan’s been a controversial character this season, and I’m not sure if it’s because some of the other guys on the show are jealous of him. The Bachelorette made like every third date something to do with football, and since Jordan is a former professional football player (his brother, Aaron Rodgers, is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers), he dominated. Sports, you guys! Sports! Chad and Jordan certainly butted heads — there could only be one alpha male, and Chad wasn’t the one who wanted to back down. Jordan and JoJo also hit it off pretty quickly, and I’m sure the other men in the house weren’t too happy about that.

Despite Jordan’s seemingly frontrunner status, things can still go wrong — So if Jordan finds himself cast out on the street from the Bachelorette mansion with his belongings in tow, here’s why he should be the next Bachelor.

He Is Totally Hot

I’m not usually this superficial, but being conventionally attractive is a part of being on The Bachelor. It’s just how it works — producers want the women in the house to fawn over him, and they certainly want America to dream about the Bachelor. Jordan has great hair and he looks really great in a suit, so that checks all the “hot dude” boxes for his Bachelor candidacy.

He Has An Interesting Backstory

Yeah, we all know that Jordan is a football player, but that’s not the backstory that I’m particularly interested in. Jordan told JoJo a little bit about his family life and his relationship with Aaron. There’s definitely more to that story, and I think that many Americans who have complicated relationships with their own families will relate to Jordan.

His Priorities Are Finally In Order

In the beginning of the season, Jordan cited his focus to be the best professional athlete possible as the reason for why his relationships dissolved so quickly. He was spending all of his time working on his game and not working on love. Now that the football thing has floated away, Jordan realizes that football can’t keep you warm at night, and he’s ready to find the woman he’ll spend the rest of his life with. Ladies, are you listening? Jordan is ready for you.

So don’t worry if Jordan doesn’t win JoJo’s heart — he could have 25 more women to help him find his wife.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC