Why Isn't Aaron Rodgers On Jordan's 'Bachelorette' Hometown Date? He'll Be There In Spirit

Ever since Jordan Rodgers was cast for Season 12 of The Bachelorette, fans of the show have wondered whether the contestant's famous brother Aaron — aka professional quarterback of the Green Bay Packers — would be around for hometown dates (that is, if Jordan made it that far, which we now know he has). But, as we learned last week, the famous brother won't be around, so why isn't Aaron Rodgers on Jordan's Bachelorette hometown date?

Well, as Jordan revealed to JoJo during their one-on-one date in week seven, he has a complicated relationship with his brother Aaron, though he's excited for her to meet the rest of his family. During the conversation, he explained that he had never been close to Aaron because that's the way his brother has "chosen to do life." Jordan went on to insinuate that Aaron chose to focus on his career more than his family, though he said there are no hard feelings between him and Aaron. Additionally, Jordan said he's not even sure if Aaron knows he went on The Bachelorette because they don't talk. Still, since JoJo and Jordan are headed on a hometown date, this isn't the last we've heard of his relationship to Aaron.

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In fact, the promo for the hometown date episode features JoJo talking to Jordan's oldest brother Luke about the subject of their famous middle brother, though Luke says, "It’s something we don’t really like to talk about a whole lot." JoJo can additionally be heard calling the tension between Jordan and Aaron a "wound" that Jordan still seems to be dealing with. In another promo released exclusively by E! News, JoJo confronts Jordan about his brother, but he responds that it "doesn’t need to be a topic,” and asks the boys' father about it as well.

Of course, with so many fans invested in the contestants on The Bachelorette, JoJo isn't the only one asking Jordan about his relationship with his quarterback brother. In a recent interview on Katie Nolan's Garbage Time podcast, the Bachelorette suitor was asked about his brother and he replied vaguely, saying, "Um, we have a relationship. You know, it's complicated. I'll say that." Plus, when she asked whether Aaron was watching the show, Jordan was still unsure if his brother was tuning in: “Everybody watches the show, so yeah. I think so, yeah."

So, we know Aaron won't be around for Jordan's hometown date on The Bachelorette because the brothers aren't close (and, according to Jordan, because Aaron isn't close with his family as a whole). But, with JoJo looking to invest her life in one of the remaining men — which also means investing herself in their families as well — you can be sure that even if Aaron isn't there in person, he will be one major topic of discussion throughout the Rogers' hometown date. Whether that proves to be a good or bad thing for her relationship with Jordan remains to be seen, and I'm sure we'll all be tuning in to see how this particular family drama plays out.

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