The Hottest Dating Trend In Your State Is...

by Laken Howard

Thanks to the massive reach of the internet, it's possible to connect with people all over the world about almost any interest you have, no matter how niche. But when you're looking for a partner in your area on a dating app, it can suddenly seem daunting to find someone who shares a lot of the more specific hobbies you have. Fortunately, one dating app has a solution, and has even helped pinpoint specific summer dating trends in the U.S.

Clover's new 'Mixers' feature allows singles to create chat rooms based on their interests, and people in these groups can even have offline meetups to see if sparks fly IRL. Isaac Raicyhk, CEO of Clover, tells Bustle that they got the idea for Mixers after rolling out a feature that let people search for users by specific interests. "After seeing how popular it was, we thought it would be fun to let people create conversations and events based on their favourite interests too," he says.

"Meeting someone in a Mixer is a lot like meeting someone at a friend's party," Raichyk says. "Many people feel more comfortable meeting others in a group setting and Mixers break the ice because everyone in the group generally shares a common interest."

Clover analyzed data from 1.5 million users aged 18-65 to find the hottest dating trends across the U.S.

Here are the top 10 most "Millennial" topics on Clover — but it's only a matter of time before the most popular Mixer in every state changes to "Pokemon Go".

1. Instagram Followers — Louisiana

What's better than finding an partner? Increasing your Insta following, of course. At least these singles are honest about what really matters in life: choosing the perfect filter.

2. 420 And Chill — Oregon

Many people use weed for better sex, so naturally, this event makes perfect sense in a state where it's legal.

3. Cute Pets — Kansas

Priorities. If someone doesn't like baby animals, consider that a major red flag. (Pictured above: my dream man.)

4. Tattooed And Employed — Maine

In essence, the total package. What could be more Millennial than being ~hip~ enough to have tattoos with the added bonus of a job? Times are a'changing.

5. Cuddle Club — Maryland

OK, this one is actually just super cute. BRB, moving to Maryland to find someone to be my big spoon.

6. Snapchat Buddies — Minnesota

The quickest way to impress a new bae? By showing them how strong your selfie game is. Be on the lookout for shady people trying to fool you with the pretty filter, though.

7. Walking Dead — New Hampshire

An entire group dedicated to one TV show? That's definitely the product of our generation's binge-watching obsession. But hey, I'm not mad — better to have something to talk about on a date, even if that something is brain-eating zombies.

8. Socially Awkward Singles — Oklahoma

Finally, a topic we can all relate to. If you want to meet someone who is totally fine with awkward silences in between sips of PBR, this might be the chat room for you to find your soulmate.

9. Tall Girl Problems — Mississippi

At 5'3", I can't personally relate to this, but it cracks me up that this topic basically sounds like a funny Tumblr account. Tall girls need love too, and if this helps them find it, I'm all for it.

10. Netflix And Chill — New York

Just because "Pokemon Go and Chill" is a thing now, doesn't mean Netflix and Chill is going anywhere anytime soon. (After all, isn't that more practical?) Plus, in a city that never sleeps, sometimes Netflix and chill is the most enticing date night plan around.

Below is the full infographic, if you want to see what singles in your state are really looking for.

Images: Fotolia; Courtesy of Clover (2); Giphy (10)