James Taylor Isn't A revenge Musician

James Taylor (No, not that James Taylor) was inexplicably eliminated by JoJo on The Bachelorette, right before the hometown dates. Chase was picked for a rose in his place and it was a bit of a head-scratcher. Chase is great and adorable but he has always kind of held a place in the background and stayed relatively quiet. James and JoJo seemed like they would be a great couple and their names have alliteration, so that's always a good indication of relationship success, right? Sure, it is. Well, now that he has left the mansion, has James Taylor written JoJo any more songs?

Remember, James Taylor holds more in common with the musician than the same name. They are both extremely talented singer/songwriters. James could woo anyone with his sweet voice but it wasn't enough to save him from the big ol' JoJo axe. Of course, people wondered whether this poet would be crooning any songs, revenge or otherwise, about our beloved Bachelorette. Well, if you remember, James wowed us all into a puddle of goo when he introduced himself to JoJo by singing her a sweet little tune about (in his own words), "how guys rarely end up being the Prince Charming that every girl grows up believing in."

There is no indication yet that he has penned any new music about his former flame but that doesn't mean he won't in the future. His star seems to be on the rise, especially after the exposure he was given on The Bachelorette. Let's be honest though, it doesn't look like James is lovesick and writing heartbroken ballads since his elimination. He was reportedly spotted making out with an unidentified lady outside of a church by a fan.

I think James will be writing a lot of music for us in the future. His Instagram is still full of clips of his tunes and promotions for his upcoming shows. He has definitely gained a new fanbase with the show and that can only do really great things for his career. But, as long as he sees his experience as a positive one, I don't think we will hear any JoJo songs anytime soon. Let's just hope he wasn't as mad about his elimination as some other fans.

And, we can always listen to clips of "Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo" on repeat instead.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC