This Sia Tweet May Be The Start Of A Great Collab

Last week, the pop music goddess behind "Cheap Thrills" cast a glimmering lure of a tweet out into the waters of the Internet, hoping to reel in the reigning king of summer 2016: On Friday, Sia tweeted at Drake to let him know she may or may not have a collaboration idea cookin' in that brilliant bewigged head of hers. A few hours before the work week drew to a close, Sia tweeted, “@Drake I'm trying to get in touch with you. I want to do something! Can you dm me your person? Thanks! Your fan, Sia!” Yes, the “Chandelier” chanteuse really asked the former Degrassi: The Next Generation star to slide into her DMs so they could “do something." Now, whether or not the message made its way to Aubrey Graham's desk has yet to be seen (who knows how often the infrequent tweeter checks his at replies!), but the post wasted zero time in catching the attention of the Twitterverse. Oh, and the post wasted zero time in worming its way into my heart.

Although Drake has yet to fire off an at reply, let us not lose hope: Perhaps the DMs are where the potential collab plans are happening. Perhaps Drake and Sia have been DMing back and forth and perhaps they will join forces and perhaps they will create a life-changing piece of music together and perhaps Rihanna will be a part of it too and perhaps it'll be the greatest song to ever be poured into our mortal ears.

Wait. What if "do something" doesn't mean "work on a song together"? What if it means something super normal like "hang out" or "go to the mall" or "catch a flick" or "gab about that surprise Bravo reality show/Mr. Robot crossover while we guzzle a pot of piping hot coffee"? What if we've got it all wrong?!?!

Hey, Drake and Sia? I hope we don't have it all wrong. May this beautiful Drake and Sia collab dream become an even more beautiful reality. Thanks! Your fan, Kristie!

Image: drizzypie/tumblr