How To Sharpen A Lip Pencil Without A Sharpener Is Possible With A Few Handy Tools — PHOTOS

A lip liner can be a make-it-or-break-it tool in your everyday look, so when the tip crumbles or breaks, it can be a nightmare — especially if you don't have a lip pencil sharpener. Luckily, there are other ways you can get that lipliner working again. Here's how to sharpen and a lip pencil without a sharpener.

I love a creamy, soft, buttery lip pencil that lasts all night. As coveted a formulation as that sounds, sometimes it can mean delicate lip pencils. They can crack, crumble, and break off without barely budging. A good makeup pencil sharpener can be a life saver, but what if your pencil breaks in a pinch? If you can't imagine going day or night without a perfectly pointy lip pencil, this one is for you.

I've tried all kinds of lip pencil sharpener alternatives, because desperate times call for desperate measures. And not every solution works for every pencil — wooden pencils can be easier than plastic ones, like the notoriously tricky Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit pencils. If you have a sharpener handy but still aren't getting the results you want, try putting your pencils in the refrigerator for a bit. The cold air will harden the product, making it sturdier and ready to handle a sharpener or night out in your clutch.

If you don't have a sharpener near, here's a few alternative tricks.

1. Scissors

Fiskars Semi Straight Scissors, $4, A mazon

This is my favorite sharpener when, well, I don't have a sharpener. Grab some scissors and place the pencil head in-between the blades and with gentle pressure shave away the excess until you have a pointed tip.

2. DIY EOS Sharpener

Karina Garcia on YouTube

Pure genius. Plus, it's totally a green solution! Reuse your old EOS lip balms in a totally useful, cool way.

3. Pocket Knife

Swiss Army Pocket Knife, $13, Amazon

Calling all Girl Scouts! Well, I take that back — calling everyone, because a multi-purpose pocket knife deserves a home in every purse. It can remedy all kinds of beauty and fashion crisis. Use the blade to sharpen the tip of your pencil, but be sure to motion away from your body so you don't cut yourself.

Images: YouTube; Courtesy of Brands