Daniela's Time On 'SYTYCD' Came To An End

Anyone watching So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation knew that the first elimination of the live shows would be tough. After choosing to save hip-hop dancer Sheaden, ballroom dancer Daniela was eliminated by the judges on So You Think You Can Dance during the July 18 episode. All-Star Jonathan was proud of his Next Generation dancer — as he should be — and though it must be disappointing for Daniela that her time on So You Think You Can Dance is over for now, that doesn't mean she shouldn't also be proud of herself and all that she has accomplished as a dancer at such a young age.

As host Cat Deeley noted, only two of the All-Star dancers who are mentoring the Next Generation this season of So You Think You Can Dance had actually taken first place during their time on the dance competition show. The series definitely made an effort to make the emphasis not on Daniela being eliminated, but her massive success by making it to the live shows. Judge Nigel Lythgoe echoed this sentiment by stating that out of the nearly 5,000 dancers that Nigel, Paula Abdul, and Jason Derulo auditioned for SYTYCD: The Next Generation, Daniela won tenth place — and when you think of it that way, that's pretty amazing.

Daniela and Sheaden were not only partnered for the July 18 episode, but they also were the bottom two dancers based on their performances last week. After shining in a ballroom routine (her specialty) and a Bob Fosse-inspired Broadway dance, the judges had to make the choice of sending either her or her partner Sheaden home. As hip-hop dancer Sheaden showed off more of his range and personality during the July 18 episode, I understood why judges Nigel, Paula, Maddie Ziegler, and guest judge Stephen "tWitch" Boss chose Sheaden to stay over Daniela — but that definitely doesn't mean the decision was easy.

Her time on So You Think You Can Dance went by quickly, but Daniela is sure to find success as a dancer beyond the TV show. Considering she's so young, she can have a long ballroom dancer career for years to come. Don't believe me? Well, if she's anything like her mom, that certainly will be the case.

Image: Adam Rose/FOX