Archer Dunhill May Not Be Who We Think On 'PLL'

by Caitlin Flynn

Ever since that absolutely mind-blowing reveal in the Season 6B finale, fans have been theorizing about Dr. Rollins' true identity on Pretty Little Liars. We have a whole lot of unanswered questions about him — how did he and Mary Drake team up? Is he solely after the Carissimi Group's fortune, or is it more complicated? The only thing we know for sure is that he's basically a sadist who made it his mission to torment Ali. In the July 12 episode, his storyline took a dark turn when Hanna hit him with a car and the Liars buried him in the woods. A voicemail from Jenna and promos for the July 19 episode hint at his real name, but is Rollins really Archer Dunhill on Pretty Little Liars?

Right now, the biggest clue is the burner phone that Hanna and Mona discovered in Rollins' car. It contained a mighty suspicious voicemail from none other than Jenna Marshall (welcome back to Rosewood, Jenna!) in which she referred to him as Archer. And, in the promo for the July 19 episode, the Liars discover a book from Rollins' collection with the name Archer Dunhill in it. But, since nothing is ever simple on this show, it's entirely possible that this is a red herring — especially because it seems like showrunners want us to assume that Rollins is Archer Dunhill and therefore A.D. Are they really going to show us their hand this early in the season? I doubt it.

Just because Archer's phone was in Rollins' car doesn't necessarily mean that's his true identity. We still don't know the nature of Jenna and Rollins' connection, but she's definitely back in Rosewood for a reason that has nothing to do with Toby's wedding. If she was working with Rollins, she may have left the message and the burner phone deliberately so that the Liars would find it and think that Rollins' real name is Archer Dunhill. It would lead them on a wild goose chase which would end with either no answers or totally false information — and that's probably what Jenna wants. Plus, if they decide to confront Jenna about the call, they'll have a lot of explaining to do. After all, one doesn't just stumble upon the phone of a dead person unless they're attempting to cover up a crime.

And, if he truly was a master con artist, surely Elliott Rollins wasn't the only alias he used. The Liars will have to do some digging about this Archer Dunhill character, but there are plenty of theories that Rollins is actually Wren Kingston's brother. This would make a ton of sense — there are a lot of unanswered questions about Wren and I still think he and Melissa are involved in the A game. Plus, we know that Uber A is going to hold this massive mistake over the Liars' heads all season and it's possible that his or her motives are revenge-related. If Wren is indeed Rollins' brother, the Liars better watch out — he'll definitely step up his (A) game if he finds out that they killed his brother.

Another possibility is that Archer Dunhill is indeed A.D. — but he's not Rollins and is actually someone we already know who has changed their identity. This would be pretty similar to the last A reveal when we learned that Charles DiLaurentis had changed her name to CeCe Drake and therefore was a character we already knew quite well. Either way, I think we should be super skeptical about the Archer Dunhill reveal — it just seems way too simple to be true.

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