When Will Pippa Middleton's Wedding Be? The Date Isn't Set But There Is A General Timeline

If you love the royal family as much as I do, you're probably thrilled about the fact that another wedding is on the horizon, too. On Tuesday, Pippa Middleton confirmed her engagement to James Matthews, a hedge fund manager she's been dating since 2012. OK, so he might not be royalty, but he'll do — not that it matters, since in photos, these two look so happy (and adorable) together. According to a statement released by the happy couple, Matthews popped the question on July 17 with an insanely gorgeous ring, and Middleton, as well as her friends and family, seem overjoyed. So now that we know the rumors are true and these two are making things official, when will Pippa Middleton's wedding be?

Unfortunately, no official date has been set — at least, not one that Middleton and Matthews have publicly announced, anyway — but they have disclosed a general timeline. As part of their statement, the couple revealed that the wedding will be taking place "next year," aka sometime in 2017. That makes sense, since putting together a wedding before the end of the year would be really stressful on that kind of timeline, and I have a feeling that these nuptials are going to be pretty elaborate.

OK, so maybe they won't be quite as elaborate as the time her sister married a prince, but since Middleton is the queen of party planning and even published a book, Celebrate, about throwing all types of shindigs, it wouldn't be crazy to expect this wedding to be one of the most well hosted and decorated celebrations of love ever. And if she employs Kate as maid of honor and Charlotte and George as her flower girl and ring bearer? Yeah, the photos that come out of this thing are going to be amazing, and I can hardly wait to see them.

And even more than the actual ceremony, I'm looking forward to seeing which wedding dress Middleton selects. She has awesome taste, so you know it's going to be absolutely gorgeous. Plus, after she stole the show at her sister's wedding in 2011, she totally deserves the attention now that she'll be the bride herself.

Congratulations, Middleton and Matthews! Fingers crossed they choose and announce a wedding date soon. I need to know when to start refreshing Twitter for those pics!