Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Lowe's Baby Pics Of Little Samuel Are The Cutest Things Ever

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Lowe are one of the cutest couples in the Bachelor franchise. And aside from that they are not at all annoying about it. They are actually a pretty cool couple who doesn't take themselves too seriously or pour on too much affection just to get attention, which makes them they are super likable. So, I see why the members of Bachelor Nation were super happy for the Lowes to welcome their first child. And it's no surprise that Sean and Catherine's baby's life has been highly documented on Instagram and there are already so many cute photos of Samuel Thomas Lowe.

This baby is already an Instagram star and he's just as adorable as we all expected. Every photo is even more cute than the last one, so I really don't blame Sean and Catherine for showing off little Samuel. He's just too precious.

The baby was only born on July 2, so he's pretty much just been hanging out with his parents... and watching The Bachelorette, of course. Nevertheless, I'm sure he will be getting into even more photo ops soon enough. Check out these sweet pics of Samuel Thomas Lowe from his parents' Instagram accounts to see what he's been up to the past couple weeks.

Making His Instagram Debut

Did you even have a baby if you don't post hospital pics on Instagram? Well, yes, of course you did, but this is such a perfect way to announce the birth of Samuel. He and Catherine both look so happy. What a great introduction to social media.

Getting Into The Bachelorette

Considering that his dad was on a season of The Bachelorette before his parents got together on The Bachelor, it only makes sense for Samuel to be learning about the franchise already. Maybe he will be the one handing out the roses in twenty five years or so.

Frowning With Mom

Even with their sad faces on, both Samuel and Catherine look so cute. Of course, their fans prefer to see them smiling, but it is still a nice photo.

Sleeping In Dad's Arms

Considering that Samuel is only a couple weeks old, it makes sense that he's asleep or falling asleep in most of these Instagram photos. Based on his expression, Sean is loving it though.

Wearing Sunglasses

These sunglasses are almost bigger than Samuel, but it really does make for a hilarious picture.

Getting Kisses From Dad

Sean and Samuel are such a cute duo. It's so clear that Sean is enjoying the dad life already.

Flirting For The Camera

Catherine couldn't resist snapping a pic of Samuel "flirting" for the camera. He really has so much personality already. I can definitely see him starring in The Bachelor someday. How cool would that be?

Putting Up With Dad Jokes

Based on the caption, it looks like Samuel will have to get used to Sean cracking dad jokes all the time, but at least he can't talk yet, so Sean can go a little while longer without being made fun of by his son. I'm just not sure if Catherine is going to let him let loose with the puns though.

Laying On Mom

Catherine jokes about the baby already being a "boob guy" in the caption, but this really is a darling picture of him laying on his mommy.

Napping On Dad

Nap hard or go home, am I right, Samuel? This cutie is getting some much needed sleep according to Instagram.

Samuel is only a couple weeks old, so I'm sure there will be even more cute photos to come.