5 Things That Definitely Won't Help Thigh Chafing

What does activity, moisture, and heat have in common? They all come together during the summertime to create serious chub rub for ladies everywhere. No matter your size, you've likely experienced some unwanted friction. If you've tried everything with no relief, here are five things that definitely won't help thigh chafing.

Whether you're beautiful thighs are teeny, big, or something in-between, chances are you'll experiencing the burning sensation of chafing this summer. "Chub rub" is a term of endearment for this uncomfortable reality for anyone walking upright on two legs. Web MD calls thigh chafing a "very common" problem that can be exacerbated by tight clothes, increased activity, heat, and humidity. While chafing usually happens on the thighs, it can occur anywhere on the body including the underarms, groin, and nipples. Yay!

The main culprit in the great chafe is friction. Ill-fitting clothes, excessive exercise or movement, and hanging out in wet clothes are all recipes for blistering, burning inner thighs. Long runs or yoga sessions, days at the beach, and loose clothes are plentiful during the summer, so it can be hard to escape chafing. But here are a few things that definitely won't help the cause, no matter what the Internet says.

1. Wearing Denim

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Woof, I probably don't have to tell you how miserable a pair of Daisy Dukes feel in the heat of summer. I get they look great, but my goodness they can feel miserable. Cotton is horrible choice to sweat in, even if it's at a backyard barbecue. Choose moisture-wicking fabrics instead, and make sure they fit! Extra looseness causes friction.

2. Wearing Dresses

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Avoiding a dress at the peak of gathering season is kind of difficult. Weddings, showers, and parties are happening, and you want to wear an adorable maxi. But loose-fitting clothes are like begging for blisters, so opt for adjustable bandelettes or sport shorts underneath.

3. Avoiding Lotion

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Plain petroleum jelly, lotion, Monistat or even diaper cream can help alleviate the pain associated with chafing. While external moisture causes chafing, having healthy and moisturized skin will reduce friction.

4. Soaking In A Hot Tub

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Staying dry is the name of the no chafing game, and soaking in any kind of water can worsen existing rashes and make you break out in even worse ways.

5. Ignoring It

Here's some of the best body advice I have: If something is uncomfortable, hurts, and persists on your body do not ignore it! Don't assume that painful chub rub is just something you have to deal with — take care of your body and show those inner thighs some extra love. Stay out of the water, hydrate, and take care of yourself!