Can You Incubate Multiple Eggs In "Pokemon Go?"

In the "Pokemon Go" world, hatching eggs is kind of a big deal. It's a great way to garner new Pokemon, snag some candy (10 to 30 per egg), and earn some experience (200 EXP per egg). And since you probably want to hatch all the eggs now, you may be wondering, can you incubate more than one egg at once in "Pokemon Go"? Here's the good news: Yes. Poke-eggs for me! Poke-eggs for you! POKE-EGGS FOR EVERYONE! Before we get too carried away, though, it's worth mentioning there are a few caveats.

Let's start with the basics. When you're playing "Pokemon Go," you can find eggs relatively easily by visiting PokeStops. As you may well know by now, different eggs correspond to different Pokemon — but you don't really know what you've got until you hatch the little suckers. And to hatch your eggs, you can't just collect them and hope for the best; some actual work is involved. You'll need to put your Pokemon egg into an Egg Incubator, which will give you a distance: 2 km, 5 km, 7 km, or 10 km. That distance is how far you must walk to hatch the egg. In other words, get to steppin'!

Generally, the further the distance listed by the Egg Incubator, the rarer the Pokemon hiding in the unhatched egg. So it stands to reason that while you are incubating a particularly rare (read: long distance required) egg, you could be hatching more-common-slash-less-distance eggs along the way. Naturally, you'd need more than one Egg Incubator to do so, though. Since every player starts off with one, you've at least got that going for you. But can you get more? And, more pointedly, can you use them simultaneously? Yes and yes.

Here's an important point of distinction to make right off the bat — your original Egg Incubator, the one you started the game with, offers unlimited uses. You'll know it by its red color. (It's the middle one in the image at the top of this post.) As for other incubators, there are two main ways to accrue extras: First, you can always visit the Pokemon Shop. There, you can use your Pokecoins to purchase everything from Pokeballs and Incense to, yes, additional Egg Incubators. However, be forewarned that each Egg Incubator you buy in the Pokemon Shop will set you back a cool 150 Pokecoins (just shy of $1.50; 100 Pokecoins cost 99 cents). Plus, they break after three uses. So while you can incubate countless eggs in your OG incubator, each additional incubator is only good for incubating three Pokemon, after which point you'll need to head to the Shop and buy replacements. Obviously, that could get costly.

Your other option is to just kick some "Pokemon Go" butt. Not only will this earn you some cool cred with your friends — who are undoubtedly trying to prove their superior Rattata-capturing prowess at this very moment — but it will also up your odds of being rewarded with additional egg incubators for reaching certain levels. Since you and I both know you were born to be a Pokemon master, this shouldn't be a problem. You'll be rolling in extra Egg Incubators in no time, right? In the immortal words of everyone's favorite inspirational ballad from the '90s, "If I can see it, then I can do it/If I just believe it, there's nothing to it."

Once you've got a bevy of eggs and a few Egg Incubators under your belt, you'll need to put them all to good use. To do so, simply open the Pokemon menu and click on "Pokemon." You'll see two tabs at the top: one reads "Pokemon" and the other "Eggs." First, click on the "Eggs" tab to check out your collection. Pick an egg (any egg) and choose "Start Incubation." This should bring up a list of incubators to choose from. Pick one, start incubating that precious Pokemon baby, and make a mental note of how far you have to hoof it to hatch the little guy. Then repeat this process until you have no more Egg Incubators to choose from. Just remember, always log into your "Pokemon Go" app before you start logging miles to hatch your eggs — otherwise you won't get credit for the distance you walk, and those eggs'll be chilling in their incubators for far longer than you'd like.

Happy hatching!

Image: Lucia Peters/Bustle