Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Are Offering Taylor Swift Image Advice... And It Actually Makes Sense

The time has finally come. After what seems like an excruciatingly long wait, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag dished on Taylor Swift vs. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West via a live Facebook chat for Cosmopolitan Wednesday. I know you were all waiting for this.The former stars of MTV's The Hills analyzed the fiasco that went down last Sunday when Kardashian released the phone call between West and Swift about the rapper's controversial song, "Famous," on Snapchat. Well, during their 23-minute-long chat, Pratt and Montag certainly didn't hold back their opinions regarding it all. Would you expect anything less? Actually, Speidi offered up some advice for Swift regarding her image... and it's not bad. I know, it doesn't sound possible, but it's something the 1989 artist may want to take note of.

To be clear, the reality couple isn't taking sides between Swift and Kardashian. They made sure to point out that they still are fans of both stars, but also voiced that it wouldn't hurt the 26-year-old singer to improve upon some things when it comes to standing up for herself and trying to protect the image she's worked hard to maintain.

In light of recent events, there's no doubt that many are looking at Swift differently, especially based on her 2016 Grammy speech, which was obviously in response to West and his "Famous" lyrics about her. The speech seemed to suggest she knew nothing about the song lyrics, but all of that doesn't appear to be true now. Granted, Swift's statement after Kardashian released the call claimed that West never mentioned the word "b*tch" over the phone, nor did he ever play the song for Swift. So, maybe she didn't really know what exactly West would be rapping.

At this point, it's a he-said, she-said situation and one that is affecting Swift's image greatly. And if Swift wants to stop this turning of the tide — and I cannot believe I am typing this — she might want to listen to Speidi.

You Don't Always Have To Be The "Nice Girl"


When you think of Swift, what's the first thing that comes to mind? That she's a so-called nice girl, who is also super sweet. You can't always be that person and it's OK not to be. Plus, you can still put your foot down without being nasty, which is what Swift maybe should've done if she truly wasn't comfortable with West's song, no matter what the truth is here.

Who knows what was going through her mind during the call or why she chose to said what she did to Kanye, but Speidi is right: no one is going to stop being your fan because you stood up for yourself. And Pratt feels Swift was way too nice when talking with West. As Pratt said, "She sounded soft. When I think of Taylor, I think of an assassin. I think of, you know, the female Jason Bourne." See, Swift? Your fans already view you as a badass, so it's fine if you come off as less than sugary sweet when it's necessary.

Being Assertive Doesn't Mean You're A B*tch


It's not that Swift isn't assertive at times, because she definitely asserted herself via her statement about the release of the phone call. However, Pratt and Montag make a good point. There's a possibility that Swift wasn't comfortable with the entire song and just didn't know how to say it without coming off as the bad guy. Pratt even said that he thinks the "Shake It Off" singer was caught off guard by West's phone call, which is why she used her "I'm really nice voice." Montag offered this:

I think Taylor Swift should've been a little more assertive. I think she should've said from the beginning and made it very clear, 'Look, I understand you can say whatever you want, I appreciate you calling me, I know you're going to say whatever you want, but don't say, this, this, and this, if you really care what I think.' I think she played it a little too cool. I think she was trying to be too nice. ... Even if there's more to that phone conversation, it doesn't matter. She wasn't clearly communicating one point. ... They're not really friends, so she shouldn't have worried about hurting his feelings.

Not Everyone Is Going To Like You


Per Pratt, "Taylor's gotta realize that not everyone's gonna like you. So, once she gets that, life's gonna be a lot easier for her." I don't know if Swift is that naive that she truly believes everyone is going to love her and that she wants everyone to do so, but she has had quite a few apologies and reconciliations with fellow celebs over the years. Sometimes it's not worth it, as Montag put it, "to make peace with everybody."

Sometimes, there are people who just shouldn't be in your life. Like Montag said, "...sometimes you just need to stick to your crew and not continue letting people in..."

Don't Contribute To The Narrative


In her statement about the "Famous" call, Swift said, "I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I have never asked to be a part of, since 2009."

I think we all can agree that staying out of West's narrative certainly hasn't been the case. As Pratt said, "If you really didn't want anything to do with the narrative, T, I'm sure there were steps you could've taken too, you know, like not taking the flowers from Kanye and not posting them on Instagram and just ignore him." Which one is it, Swift? She needs to make a firm choice and not go back and forth.

Whether or not you agree with Speidi, you have to admit that they do bring up some interesting points about this whole thing.

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