This Is What Pink Flowers Mean In "Pokemon Go"

If you've gotten into playing the popular augmented reality game "Pokemon Go," I'm willing to bet you've enountered pink flowers floating around Pokestops on your map screen fairly frequently. But what do pink flowers at Pokestops mean in "Pokemon Go?" Is it an indication of something special? As it turns out, yes, it is — and you'd better get your Pokeballs ready.

First things first: What's a Pokestop? Well, when trying to capture Pokemon in "Pokemon Go," you often end up going to certain locations in real life, known as Pokestops, in order to do things like stock up on supplies. Depending on where you are, these Pokestops could be a historical site, a museum, a park, or even a random water fountain on the street. Once you're there in real life, you can touch an icon on the map screen in the app to gather Pokeballs, potions, and more.

And when you see pink flowers appear at Pokestops? That's big news. The pink flowers indicate that a player has dropped a Lure Module there. Once a lure module has been dropped, it will attract Pokemon to that spot for 30 minutes, which means that many more Pokemon will appear there during that time than normally would. This means that if you spot pink flowers and you want to capture more Pokemon, you can head on over to that Pokestop and take your pick. Here's what they look like in action (and yes, that is a lot of Pokestops with Lure Modules):

Here's the important bit: A Lure Module benefits anyone who happens to be in the area where it was dropped — not just the player who dropped it. So even if you don't have any Lure Modules in your inventory, pay attention to those pink flowers; it means that someone else has dropped one, and you can reap the rewards.

For the curious, here are a few frequently asked questions about Lure Modules and a few answers to help:

1. How Does You Use a Lure Module?

You can use Lure Modules in "Pokemon Go" by simply making an in-app purchase, then deploying it from the item screen after you've purchased it. While "Pokemon Go" is free to play, some aspects of the game do cost money, and this is one of them. Lure Modules can't be picked up from Pokestops, so if you want to add one to your inventory, you'll have to spend 100 Pokecoins in the Pokemon Go Shop (about 99 cents).

2. Can I Use Lure Modules Without Spending Money?

Yup! You can absolutely catch Pokemon drawn to Lure Modules, even if you aren't the person who paid to set it up; any player who's hanging around a Pokestop with a Lure Module activated will be able to benefit from it. This is another reason to pay attention to pink flowers on your map; they mean you don't have to spend money on a Lure Module to use one.

3. How Long Do Lure Modules Last?

In Pokemon Go, Lure Modules remain at Pokestops for a total of 30 minutes. This stands whether you're the person who created the Lure or a random trainer who happens to see it appear on their map. Either way, you have 30 minutes to approach and capture as many Pokemon that arrive during that time as you can.

4. Where Can I Use Lure Modules?

Only at Pokestops — that is, you can't just drop one wherever you have to be; you have to be located at a Pokestop first. (That's what makes Lure Modules different from Incense.) But the good news is that once you've parked yourself at a Pokestop, if you're looking to catch a break from walking around but still want to capture some Pokemon, you can sit tight and let them come to you. If your Lure Module attracts other Pokemon trainers to your area, it can also be a fun way to meet fellow users, too!

So go forth and capture more Pokemon, trainers! And if you feel like giving your feet a break, definitely consider setting up some pink flowers on your radar — or looking out for someone else who's done so, too. Scratching each other's backs is the way to go.

Images: Emma Lord/Bustle (2); Giphy (4)