The Difference Between Lure Modules And Incense

By now, you are probably well acquainted with a little thing called "Pokemon Go." In fact, you're probably playing it as we speak — it's OK, I'll give you a minute to put your phone away. No really, it's cool. But, make sure you listen up, because we have important matters to discuss: what's the difference between Lure Modules and Incense in "Pokemon Go"?

If you aren't a huge Pokemon fan, learning the lingo to "Pokemon Go" can be a little bit of a struggle. Pokestops, Gyms, Eggs, Candy — they all mean something different, and it's in your best interest to know the terminology if you ever want to level up. Even if you are a die-hard Pokemon enthusiast, there are things about the new augmented reality mobile game from Niantic Inc., that you probably don't remember from the original games — and that's because they are brand new to "Pokemon Go."

There are all kinds of "Pokemon Go" hacks and other tools that you can employ to catch 'em all faster, but there are two ways in particular built straight into the game that will help you attract more Pokemon: Lure Modules, and Incense. You can purchase both Lure Modules and Incense as you're playing the game, but they also occasionally pop up when you go up another level. Both can help you draw more Pokemon, but they serve slightly different purposes, and should be used a bit differently. Let's break down exactly what I mean by that:

Lure Modules

So what is a Lure Module? A Lure Module that is dropped at a Pokestop by a Pokemon Trainer will attract Pokemon to that area for 30 whole minutes. You can choose to drop a Lure Module yourself, but when you do, expect to see a whole horde of other Pokemon Trainers arrive at your Pokestop in the next few minutes. When a Lure Module is dropped, every player in the general vicinity will see it pop up on the map. It looks like this:

Those little pink clusters? Those mark places where other people have dropped Lure Modules, hoping to lure in Pokemon (and usually by default, other Trainers).

Lure Module Benefits: The main reason to drop a Lure Module is that you don't have to go searching for Pokemon — the Pokemon will come to you. Bustle writer Elizabeth Ballou says she's noticed that many times less common Pokemon tend to swarm Lure Modules, meaning you might finally be able to catch the ONE little pocket monster that has been eluding you.

There are other benefits to using a Lure Module as well. For one thing, it adds a unique social component to the game. If you drop a Lure Module, chances are there are other groups of players in your area who will see it, and come to your Pokestop. And, if you see a Lure Module being used by someone near you, you are free to head over in that direction and see what Pokemon you can catch there, too.


Incense will also help you draw Pokemon to you for 30 minutes — only other people won't be able to tell when you're using it. When you use it, it will look like this:

That pink streak of smoke means you've used Incense — but it won't appear on the map for anyone else.

Incense Benefits: Like Lure Modules, you can use Incense to attract more Pokemon to you for 30 minutes. However, unlike Lure Modules, you can use Incense anywhere — you don't have to be at a Pokestop. So, if there's a Pokemon on your radar that you're hoping to catch but you're far from a stop and can't use a Lure, Incense can help you out. You just probably won't make as many friends this way.

So there you have it! If you've got some Coins to spare and are too lazy to leave your apartment, Incense is the way to go. But if you want to turn your Pokemon hunting into a Pokemon party, then start using those Lure Modules. See? I told you it was wise to pay attention. Now please resume your regular gaming.

Images: Bustle