What 'Princess Diaries' Star Heather Matarazzo Told Anne Hathaway After Garry Marshall's Passing Is Truly Beautiful — PHOTO

You know someone has truly touched another person's life greatly, when they are honored with a meaningful tribute. That goes for the late Garry Marshall, who died at the 81, it was announced Tuesday. He will forever be known for many wonderful films, but one that is a stand-out is The Princess Diaries. It's a fan-favorite and one that even impacted fans' lives. The same can be said for the stars of the films. On Wednesday, star Anne Hathaway posted another tribute for Marshall, but this time it was quite lengthy and really gives insight into the Hollywood legend. Based on her words, it's clear he left a mark in the Oscar-winner actor's life. All that aside, there is one part from her second homage that stands out. Princess Diaries star Heather Matarazzo texted Hathaway about Marshall and their exchange is truly beautiful.

Alongside a photo featuring herself, Marshall, and Julie Andrews, Hathaway shared the following:

I couldn’t sleep last night.The moon was too bright and my heart was too full of fresh grief at Garry’s passing.I went outside and sat in the absurd blue-white bath of moon, surprised to see my night shadow,I thought, “Garry left on a good night.”This morning, I got a text from Heather Matarrazzo saying “Of course Garry left on a full moon.”If you know Garry, that he went out when there should be darkness and instead there is full, rare, magic light, is too perfect to be coincidence.

It’s so him.

What Hathaway and Matarazzo appear to be saying is that in a world that is filled with so much horrible tragedy, Marshall's kindness, light, and positivity continued to shine even after his death. "Garry was goodness itself," the Alice Through the Looking Glass actor also wrote. "He was generous. He was kind beyond kind. He was thoughtful and sweet and so funny you would pee yourself a little."

Matarazzo also took to Twitter to express how much she is going to miss the man who brought so much brightness into her life. "You will always be the grandpa of my heart," she wrote Tuesday. "Your love, humor and generosity were limitless. I am heartbroken."

There's no argument in saying Marshall's bright spirit was as big as a full moon. It is also one that will never stop shining.