Luann's Engagement Is Finally Here On 'Real Housewives Of New York' & The Housewives Are Celebrating

I know this whole “Luann is engaged to be engaged” thing on Real Housewives Of New York is ridiculous, but Luann is finally engaged and happy as a clam. Sure, her fiancé dated Ramona and has been sleeping with Sonja on and off for a decade, but that’s in the past — the present is that Luann is engaged (for realsies) to Tom D’Agostino, and we should all be happy for her. The housewives finally figured this out, and they organized a special engagement party for Luann.

Imagine that! The housewives were being nice to each other? What? I know, it’s hard to believe. The fact that they threw a party for Luann was very nice. Carole even got Luann a gift — a heart-shaped crystal for good luck — which meant a lot, considering their friendship has been nonexistent in the past year. Ramona and Sonja were on their best behavior, and all in all — minus a little pushy wedding planning and snide comments in the interview portion of the show — it seemed like the women really got it together to support Luann. This is good, because they’re all contractually stuck together, and it would be nice if they could get along. It’s a much less stressful environment when the housewives are a little lubed up on pinot grigio and singing together in perfect harmony.


I get that Luann’s engagement is problematic, considering that he dated a few of the housewives and they’ve only known each other for like three months, but good golly, everyone needs to drop it. If Luann is happy, let her be happy. It takes so much more energy to dredge up the past than it does to just let Luann go on with her life. She’s the one who has to marry the guy, not Sonja or Ramona. There are plenty of things for the housewives to fight about — Luann’s relationship shouldn’t be one of them.

Images: Heidi Gutman/Bravo; Giphy