Is Amy Schumer At The 2016 Democratic National Convention? She's Got Other Plans In Mind

After all of the memes, surprising moments, and speeches that came with last week's Republican National Convention, it's now the democrats' turn, and I couldn't be more excited — especially because Hillary Clinton has assembled quite a list of celebrities who will be there to see her accept the nomination. Stars like Demi Lovato, Lena Dunham, and Debra Messing are all slated to attend, but surprisingly, one of my favorite politically outspoken comedians isn't on the list. If you're wondering if Amy Schumer will be at the Democratic National Convention, you're definitely not the only one... and if you're hoping she'll be there, I have some bad news for you.

Unfortunately, it seems that Schumer won't be there when the convention kicks off in Philadelphia on Monday. So far, she hasn't revealed why, but it could be because her North American tour begins next month, so chances are she's already pretty busy these days. But Schumer's absence from the convention doesn't mean she's not giving our democratic candidate her support. In fact, she officially endorsed Clinton earlier this year, and she shared a pretty excited Instagram post after voting for her in the New York primary. So if Schumer's not there physically, she's definitely there in spirit.

Besides her vocal support of Clinton this election year (and even before), Schumer has consistently spoken out about the issues that are important to her, especially when it comes to finding a solution for the gun violence epidemic our country is facing. In 2015, she joined her second cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer, in his anti-gun initiative after a shooter opened fire during a Louisiana screening of her movie, Trainwreck. Since then, she's continued to talk about how important this issue is to her, on social media and off, and has urged her fans to do the same. It would have been awesome if she could have done that at the convention itself, but I'd imagine Schumer's schedule is pretty full. No big deal — she never hesitates to get the word out about what's important to her however she can, whether it's through her show, Inside Amy Schumer, or as simple as a tweet.

The convention definitely isn't the only (or last) chance for Schumer to stand with Clinton and the democratic party before the elections are here in November, and between then and now, I have a feeling we'll be seeing even more support for the woman who could become our first female president from her.