Twitter Reactions To Kylie Jenner's Unreleased Glosses Prove She Can Do No Wrong — PHOTOS

There’s no denying that a lot goes into creating an empire, and this girl's definitely a pro at doing just that. She recently gave us a glimpse into what it takes to create the perfect shades for her lippies. Twitter reactions to the unreleased glosses Kylie Jenner posted to Snapchat prove people love whatever she puts out (or doesn't put out). Not only did she show all of the glosses that have yet to be released, she also admitted that there are even more trial runs for her matte lipsticks.

The photo shows over a dozen gloss shades that for one reason or another just didn’t make the cut. When it comes to creating the perfect pout, Jenner’s got a certain look in mind. She’s definitely showing that she’s willing to pull the plug on colors that aren’t working. Obviously, she wants only the best for her fans and her business. That’s clearer now than ever before, if you ask me.

Although, based on the Twitter reactions to the unreleased lippies, she wouldn’t have been letting anyone down by launching these. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. I personally believe that people would love whatever Jenner came out with, but it’s nice to know that she’s got some majorly high standards.

The fact that she's willing to reject this many colors proves that only the best of the best make the cut.

Considering she's released way more mattes than she has glosses, her collection of discarded versions must be huge!

1. Shop Them All

People are loving these lippies and definitely think they're worth a purchase.

2. Need Them

Colors this incredible definitely don't belong to a land of misfit glosses, you know?

3. In Love

Looking at these with hearts for eyes. Because really, what's wrong with these, anyways?

4. Please Release Them

Umm, can she go ahead and release these now? You know, now that she's gotten some positive feedback?

5. Kylie, Why?

Don't leave us hanging like this!

6. Too Good To Leave Behind

Seriously. These are too good to just throw away.

7. Must-Have Lippies

I'd wear these with pride.

8. Amazing

Amazing is the perfect way to describe these shiny shades.

Come on, Jenner. Have fans talked you into releasing these, yet? Please?!

Images: Dawn Foster/Bustle, kylizzlemynizzyl/Snapchat (2)