These 6 Headband Extensions Will Transform You

As someone who recently chopped her hair into a bob, I can understand the desire to go back and forth between long and short hair. Extensions are an easy way to lengthen quickly, which is why you should consider these headband extension options if you want to change up your look quickly.

Khloe Kardashian looks adorable with her new chop, but we even see her putting in extensions from time to time, particularly for updos or nights out. Chances are, if you haven't used headband extensions before, you're probably wrinkling up your nose wondering if they'll be visible or if they'll even look natural. The answer? If you know where to buy the good ones, they'll quickly become a staple you'll turn to every time you have the urge to lengthen.

Personally, when I see the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, I have moments where I miss my long hair, so these are a great way to transition back and forth. In my opinion, clip-ins are a great way to transition to long hair without damaging your strands from more permanent solutions.

Here are six headband extensions to shop if you want to switch up your look!

1. Hair2Wear

Hair2Wear Christie Brinkley Extensions, $50, Amazon

These synthetic, relatively short extensions are great for people who want to add a little volume without too much length.

2. EuroNext

EuroNext Premium Remy 18 Inch Synthetic, $139, Amazon

As the pick of beauty bloggers like Barefoot Blonde, otherwise known as Amber Fillerup, these EuroNext synthetics are high quality and if human hair freaks you out, this may be the next best option.

3. Hairdo

Hairdo Extensions, $79, Beauty

These hair extensions get top ratings are are perfect even for those on a budget!

4. Halo Couture

Halo Couture Extensions, price varies, Halo Couture

At Halo Couture, a mixture of the most high end brands are offered. You're sure to find some that fit your needs and look totally natural.

5. Luxy Hair

Luxy Human Hair Medium Thick, $160, Luxy Hair

This brand is particularly great because of the shades they offer — everything from ombre to blond, brunette and redhead. And the best part is, there's thickness options, too!

6. SHE by SO CAP

Human Hair Easy One Clip-In Extension, $55, Amazon

Even the beauty editors at Elle magazine use SHE extensions!

Happy Shopping! And don't forget to check out all of the great YoutTube tutorials there are for how to put them in like a pro!

Images: @LuxyHair/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands