New 'Grace of Monaco' Trailer Uses Nicole Kidman's Sad Face to Draw You In — VIDEO

Well, this isn't a happily ever after story. When Warner Bros. released the teaser trailer for Grace of Monaco , they clearly banked on the allure of Hollywood legend-turned-princess Grace Kelly and Nicole Kidman in great make up to draw buzz. That didn't exactly work — so for Grace of Monaco 's first full-length trailer, they took a different approach. This time around, they went with pain, suffering, and Nicole Kidman's tears to convince you to see the film that still has no U.S. release date.

The new trailer is still opulent, fancy, and seems to foreshadow a push for awards season (IF it can get a U.S. release date) but there's a lot more of that "crisis of marriage and identity" going on and a lot of shots of Kidman looking like a teary-eyed child.

Where the teaser left much to the imagination — with shots that included views of Monaco at various hours of the day/evening, cars driving down winding roads by the sea, shots of Nicole Kidman looking beautiful and regal, and an authoritative (if not slightly creepy) voiceover that gave nothing away about the plot — the full length trailer shows us basically everything that's going to happen in the film, just the entire plot right there in 2:48.

Grace Kelly loves her husband, but being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be. She's frustrated and can't be herself (and can't star in a Hitchcock movie), so she cries and sulks but ultimately has to learn that family is the most important thing and that it's her only hope.

The necessary drama and allure of looking into the seemingly perfect life of Grace Kelly is definitely here. So will it actually convince audiences to flock to the theater for the biopic? Only time will tell.

Watch the trailer here:

Warner Bros. UK on YouTube

Image: Warner Bros.