Inside Eleven's 'Stranger Things' Fate

There were a lot of twists and turns in the Stranger Things season finale, [SPOILERS AHEAD] but probably the most shocking moment was (spoiler alert) when Eleven sacrificed herself to save Mike and his friends from the monster. The monster and El exploded into a million pieces and disappeared, but we aren’t entirely sure that she’s gone for good. Eleven probably isn’t dead. In fact, I’m like 99 percent sure she’s still alive somewhere in the Upside Down and we will find that out when the second season of Stranger Things hits Netflix. The Duffer Brothers have already given us the evidence that she’s still alive and it all comes down to one thing — Eggos.

In the last few minutes of the show Hopper was spotted leaving Eggos in a chest in the middle of the woods. It’s pretty clear he’s leaving it for El, but what viewers don’t know is whether he’s trying to help her or trap her. Why did he get in the car with those men? Was he meant to fulfill his duty and turn her over or does he now feel bad that he promised to hand her over and is helping her. So many questions, but there’s one thing that I do know for sure and it’s that Eleven needs to come back.

They Would All Be Screwed Without Her Powers

All I'm saying is that between the government dudes, the monster and Troy the bully, all three of them would have been dead without El. She saved them every time something was going wrong, so it's pretty obvious they need her if they want to survive high school.

She Needs To Reunite With Her Mom

Why would they include the storyline and allude that this woman was El's mom without any kind of reunion. At some point in the future they have to meet.

There’s Probably More Than One Monster

Will's coughing up crap from the Upside Down, there was a live worm in his throat and if you noticed there was an object that looked like a hatched egg. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there are multiple monsters. She needs to return to defeat the others.

To Close The Gate

The gate isn't closed yet. If she's dead, how will they close it? They need her to do some type of mind power to trap everything inside there.

To Save Other Children

If she's "Eleven," there must be ten other children somewhere right? Are they all dead? Maybe their still trapped in the building. El needs to come back to save them!

Because She's Awesome

They really need her back because there is no show without El. She's the best character. So there's that too.

Images: Netflix; Strangerthingsedits/Tumblr (7)