9 Pieces Of Apparel You Bought At '90s Concerts

It’s no secret that the ‘90s are making a huge fashion revival. One item that I’m most excited to see return is the beloved '90s band tee. From velvet chokers to oversized denim, heaps of the decade’s clothing have snuck their way back into my wardrobe, but nothing quite holds the nostalgic charm of concert apparel.

For many of us, tour T-shirts in the '90s were an essential teenage buy. They were a means of self-expression whereby we could show the world our penchants and passions. Or, in my case, which Spice Girl was my favorite, and which member of Backstreet Boys I wanted to marry.

They also helped form friendship groups. In the eyes of a playground, an *NSYNC shirt would quickly cement one's status as an "authentic fan." Within no time, we'd end up with a pack of similar individuals, getting in heated battles over who would be Mrs. Timberlake. If only we knew we were competing with Jessica Biel, hey?

Nowadays, you'll probably be even more thankful you invested in a tee or two. The price of original concert apparel has seemingly soared in recent years. Due to how popular it's become, what might have been a $20 buy in the '90s might be worth serious bucks now. For now, however, let's take a trip down memory lane. These are the nine concert tees you most def bought in the '90s.


1999 Tour T-Shirt, $50, eBay

For any '90s boy band fan, buying an *NSYNC tee wasn't an option. It was a necessity. Personally, I wore mine with a matching back pack, hoodie, "I Heart Justin" notebook, and, well, anything else I could get my hands on.

2. Spice Girls

1996 "Girl Power" T-Shirt, $225, Etsy

In 1996, The Spice Girls were selling this oversized number. Just check out the death stare Posh Spice is giving the photograph. Yikes! I think I'll stick to my '00s logo crop top, thanks.

3. Nirvana

1992 "Silver" T-Shirt, $350, eBay

At $350, it goes without saying that original Nirvana merch is currently selling like gold dust. But don't go denting your bank account: Etsy has some more affordable takes on the band's original designs.

Now, where are my old pair of Converse?

4. Green Day

1995 Tour T-Shirt, $55, Etsy

Any teenage mosher likely knew that you mustn't be caught dead in a Green Day shirt this cool without a sweeping emo fringe and lashings of eyeliner.

5. Backstreet Boys

1998 Tour T-Shirt, $52, Etsy

Sure, Nick Carter's hair might make you cringe a little now, but back then there was a specific kind of science involved when it came to ranking the singers who made us swoon.

6. Oasis

1995 Tour T-Shirt, $250, Etsy

Oh, Oasis, where do I even begin? Half the population may have been driven to insanity thanks to the constant overplaying of "Wonderwall," but that doesn't mean you don't hold a special place in our hearts.

7. Eminem

1990 "Slim Shady" T-Shirt, $199, eBay

$200?! Forget about Slim Shady, the only thing haunting me now is the fact I threw heaps of Eminem merch away not so long ago.

8. Britney Spears

1999 "Baby One More Time" T-Shirt, $77, eBay

Buying an *NSYNC shirt without investing in one of these was just plain blasphemy. After all, Britney and Justin were the Prom King and Queen of the '90s. If the dolls didn't give it away, the matching denim outfits that would come a few years later certainly did.

9. MC Hammer

1990 "U Can't Touch This" T-Shirt, $54, Etsy

Well, you can touch this, just for the somewhat costly price of $54.40.

I bet you're rummaging in the back of your closet for all those old shirts, now, right? They clearly never went out of style.

Images: Courtesy Brands