When Does HBO's 'Looking' Movie Take Place? A Lot Has Changed For The Show's Characters

Fans of HBO's seriously underrated TV series Looking were understandably disappointed when the series was cancelled after just two short seasons. Although I'd definitely prefer a full season 3, I'm grateful that Looking: The Movie will air on HBO on July 23. It'll basically serve as a season finale and therefore give the characters (and viewers) some much-needed closure. So, we'll have the opportunity to see loose ends tied up and get some answers to the questions we were left with after the series was somewhat abruptly cancelled. Did Patrick and Richie's relationship last? Does Dom still have that chicken window? What has Doris been up to? But, my first question is how far after the Looking series finale does the movie pick up?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Michael Lannan said it takes place about nine months after the Season 2 finale. He also provided a few details about the premise and what the characters have been up to during the time jump. Apparently Patrick moved away from San Francisco at some point during the time jump (I'm sure there's an interesting story behind that decision) and he's back in the Bay Area for a friend's wedding. Lannan added:

He’s sort of our thread throughout the world, and we get to see all the other characters and check in with their stories and their lives riding on his shoulder.

Of course, my next question is who's getting married in the movie? The actors and showrunner have kept quiet about this plot detail, so we'll have to wait until July 23 to find out. But, Time reports that Looking will place a strong emphasis on the changes the characters experience as they get older. They'll be forced to reflect on their past decisions, which have had consequences that potentially limit their options for the future. So, although only nine months have passed, it seems like the characters' lives have changed a lot during this time.

It will also be interesting to see how the movie addresses current issues like the historic June 2015 SCOTUS ruling that finally made gay marriage legal in all 50 states. (The Season 2 finale aired just three months before we received this amazing news.) But, the LGBT community still faces no shortage of discrimination and threats of violence — the tragic June 12 Pulse Nightclub shooting (the biggest mass shooting in American history) is the most recent example. Although production on Looking wrapped up prior to this horrific event, I'm sure the movie will continue to highlight the fact that, although progress has been made, members of the LGBT community are treated as second-class citizens far too often.

I'd prefer a full third season of Looking, but I'm just grateful that the characters will get the sendoff they deserve.

Images: Melissa Moseley/HBO (2)