What Is Justin Bieber's "Cold Water" About? The Singer Takes On A Pretty Serious Subject

I can't tell you how delighted I am to get back to a time when, if Justin Bieber is in the news, it's for making music, not causing a ruckus. Especially because the meaning behind Justin Bieber's new song "Cold Water" seems to be headed in a new, much more mature direction for him. And I don't mean mature in the kind of sexy way that will leave me clutching at my pearls, because Bieber has clearly already been there. This time around, he's delving into a more human condition, because I'm pretty sure that "Cold Water" describes trying to help a friend who's struggling with depression.

As he gets older, it's nice to see Bieber's awareness open up a little, to include more than just himself; it was refreshing to hear him singing about a relationship slightly more complex than your average hookup. But before we get too deep into this, I should clarify that "Cold Water," released Jul. 22, is not technically Bieber's song, although he is responsible for most of the vocals. It's actually Major Lazer's song, on which Bieber and MØ are featured, from his album Music Is The Weapon. But regardless, it's a different, more introspective side of Bieber, as he promises to stay by the side of someone close to him who's clearly having a hard time:

Everybody gets high sometimes, you knowWhat else can we do when we're feeling low?So take a deep breath and let it goYou shouldn't be drowning on your own

I was worried at first that this song was gonna be rife with drug references, kind of glamorizing that lifestyle, which I don't really love, but instead that first reference to getting high seemed to underline just how dark things can seem sometimes, and the coping strategies you reach for.

And if you feel you're sinking, I will jump right overInto cold, cold water for youAnd although time may take us into different placesI will still be patient with youAnd I hope you knowI won't let goI'll be your lifeline tonight

Wait Justin — I love this. It feels like he's taking such good care of his friends, and I really appreciate seeing that side of him. Definitely makes him grow up a little in my eyes. And probably my favorite part of the song? That he doesn't stigmatize these kinds of dark thoughts.

Cause we all get lost sometimes, you know?It's how we learn and how we growAnd I wanna lay with you 'til I'm oldYou shouldn't be fighting on your own

It's such a kind, empathetic way of speaking about these emotional and mental difficulties, and I have a real appreciation for Bieber's perspective. Whether he wrote the words or not, he's singing them, which represents a new level of maturity, and a real turning point in his career for me.