Who Is Gamble's Husband Rick Wolfe? 'The Real Housewives Of Melbourne' Husband Is A Family Man At Heart

Just as you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, You can't have a Real Housewives show without the husbands that have built a life alongside their wife. Real Housewives Of Melbourne focuses on the exploits of the leading women, including former model and art consultant Gamble Breaux, but their husbands also come into play in the show and provide background for some of the Housewives' conflict and relationships. There's plenty to know about Gamble Breaux herself, but who is Gamble's husband, and how did they reach the upper echelon of the Melbourne social scene?

Gamble is married to Rick Wolfe, M.D. Rick Wolfe is an Advanced Cataract and Laser Eye Surgeon. According to his biography on the website for one of his businesses, VistaEyes, Wolfe "has been an ophthalmic surgeon for over 20 years and has been a pioneer in laser eye surgery since it began in Melbourne in 1991." Wolfe's many achievements as a surgeon has made him a big name in the medical world, but there's more to Wolfe's life than just medicine. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Wolfe's net worth to be around $5 million, and some of that money goes towards treating himself and his wife to some of the finer things in life.

He Loves The Sound Of Music

Even in Australia, the hills still manage to be alive with the sound of music. Wolfe and Gamble find time in their busy schedules to enjoy an opening night event as Melbourne's massive Regent Theater.

He Indulges In Freshly Baked Bread

Rick Wolfe, a medical expert, is probably very aware of the importance of a balanced diet. However, that doesn't stop him from occasionally indulging in the finer carbs in life like a slice of freshly baked bread.

He Enjoys A Horse Race

Rick and Gamble don't take going to the race track lightly, dressing up to the nines to have a leisurely, yet formal, day in the sun.

He's An Ed-Head

It doesn't seem like many things could get between husband and wife, but as his Instagram shows the one person who could possibly get between them — in a very literal sense — is Ed Sheeran himself.

He's Always Got Time For Family

While many things seem to bring Rick joy, no star seems to shine in his life as brightly as his family.

His profile on VistaEyes features a long list of accomplishments, including pioneering modern eye surgery techniques and establishing important surgery-based institutions in Australia. However, these achievements seem to matter very little when compared to the time he spends with Gamble. The Real Housewives of Melbourne may focus strongly on the Real Houswives themselves, but beyond the reality show lives of each of these cast members, there is a very real family that probably means a lot more to these women than the explosive drama in their lives. That being said, Rick would probably be wise to try and stay away from the Real Housewives when they're all in the same spot because on RHOMelbourne, things can get a lot nastier than eye surgery.