Is Emilia Clarke On Snapchat? The Mother Of Dragons Could Snap Like A Queen

Emilia Clarke goes by many names on Game Of Thrones: Daenerys Stormborn. The Unburnt. The mother of dragons. The breaker of chains. The snapper of Snapchats? Though Khaleesi is happy to Instagram, Emilia Clarke is not on Snapchat. It seems like Game Of Thrones stars just aren't into snapping (Sophie Turner and Sansa Stark aren't vomiting rainbows, either, and neither is Kit Harington). And even more disappointing: Clarke doesn't tweet. It's a good thing her Instagram is more than enough to tide fans over, because the 29-year old actress is a delight, and has a great sense of humor (Khaleesi could learn a little bit about humor from Clarke. Or from Tyrion). And Snapchat is the best way to share behind-the-scenes moments, but maybe that's forbidden on the super-secretive Game Of Thrones set.

There is one lone Snapchat filter sample on her Instagram, and in that post, the Game Of Thrones star explains why Snapchat just isn't her bag. In a caption of a photo of her with the policeman's getup, Clarke explains: "**Ps sad news alert, I'm not tech savy enough to have snapchat, whoever is on with my handle AINT ME." But she does give her fans something to look forward to, saying in the same caption that she'll eventually get to snapchatting stories, but for now, she's having too much fun on Instagram. The comments on the post are all begging Clarke to reveal her Snapchat name, because apparently sometimes people can't read captions. Or maybe they're just holding out false hope.

But Clarke does love posting videos to her Instagram. There are some especially good ones: dancing with a Dothraki, calling out for Drogon IRL, and singing some classic Mariah Carey Christmas tunes with her pals. It's all such good Snapchat material, Emilia. Why don't you just scoot over to the other platform? And her feed isn't heavily curated, either: it's personal and funny and endearing. Ever wanted to see Daenerys trying to pee at an awards show in an enormous poofy gown? Your wish is Emilia Clarke's demand.

And of course, because the GoT cast is as thick as thieves, there are the charming photos of other Westerosi characters. There's Alfie Allen (Theon), Kit Harington (Jon Snow, of course), and an adorable photo of Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams cuddled up and giggling on the couch. For a show on which everyone's trying to kill each other, the cast really is best friends. There are a lot of highlights that prove Clarke would be a Snapchat star, especially this Dubsmash of her taking on Salt n' Pepa's "Whatta Man."

Fans will just have to wait for Clarke to fulfill her promise of getting a Snapchat "eventually." All these GoT actors really are well-versed in being vague and mysterious.