How To Clean Your Clarisonic So It Stays In Tip Top Shape — VIDEO

Confession time: I am actually a human disaster when it comes to washing my makeup brushes. RIP my skin, hello breakouts. Every beauty maven knows that scrubbing those bristles is merely part of the territory, but what about cleaning your Clarisonic? Don't dismiss cleaning duty just because you're using a facial cleansing brush. At the end of the day, your beloved Clarisonic is still a brush, and like your average joe foundation brush, it too can accumulate bacteria over time and in turn lead to breakouts and major skin issues.

Thankfully, giving your Clarisonic its bath time is not that complicated. In fact, it's a lot simpler than one would think — you bascially need one ingredient, and then it's just cruise control and letting time do all the work. The Clarisonic website recommends that you clean your Clarisonic once a week, but brush heads should be replaced every three months.

Now, once a week seems manageable... but then again, look at what happened with me and my makeup brushes (pretty sure Lisa Eldridge would be very disappointed with me).

Ready to go Operation: Mrs. Clean? Read on to see how you should properly care for your Clarisonic.

1. Remove The Brush Head

The first step to giving your Clarisonic a good 'ol scrub? Unscrewing and removing the brush head, according to Allure. Don't forget that you should be replacing your brush head every three months!

2. Apply Soap

Next, apply soap. The choice is yours — Allure recommends using antibacterial dish soap, but you can also use baby shampoo or whip up your own brush cleanser with baking soda and lemon, as XOVain suggests.

3. Wash

Gently massage soap into the brush, making sure that you get every crevice and bristle. Want a deeper cleanse? You can also squirt soap on a toothbrush and scrub instead of using your hands.

4. Rinse

Using warm water, rinse the soap and residue away. Watch as bacteria, discoloration, and makeup disappear. Drink in satisfaction.

5. Let It Air-Dry


Most importantly, let your Clarisonic air-dry before use. In a time crunch? To speed up the process, you can rub your brush head against a towel for five to ten seconds while powered on, suggests the Clarisonic website. Here's to happy, healthy, and clean skin!

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Images: Giphy, Clarisonic/YouTube