All The Ben Higgins Campaign Moments We'll Never Get To See Now That's He's Out

On the topic of things that boggle minds everywhere, Bachelor and Bachelorette star Ben Higgins recently announced that he would be running for public office in Colorado, until Higgins very suddenly issued a resignation of his campaign. You heard right. Knight-in-shining-armor Higgins was going to be a politician, and Lauren Bushnell a politician's wife, but he "received information" that made him back out of the driveway of the House of Representatives. Of course I want to know what this mysterious "information" is, but I'm still reeling from all the lost possibilities of a political Higgins and Bushnell.

I'm not usually one to worry myself over the life decisions of celebrities for my own entertainment, but given that Higgins has already been in the reality show spotlight twice before, and has future stardom with fiancé Bushnell on the table with their Freeform show Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After this fall, I've decided that they've made their reality show bed and they just will not get up. So, here are all the horribly entertaining bits of reality that could have come with a Higgins campaign (apparently a Republican one, at that), and the transformation of a beautiful romantic to a hard hitting politician right before our teary eyes.

Being Inside the Campaign Trail


Deciding to be a politician would have literally changed everything. It would have changed what Happily Ever After was actually about, and we would have gotten a step-by-step, play-by-play reality show inside a political campaign. The show could have featured traveling through Colorado, championing people to vote for him, and Higgins learning how to be a politician. His experiences in charity work, like the "Give Hope, Get Hope" campaign launched alongside Water for Good and Humanity and Hope United Foundation, apparently would have been a big part of his run for office. Now, I'll just keep looking at that "hope" bracelet, and hope that the "information" he learned will come out soon.

Ben Higgins' Face On A Bus


I mean, seriously. Look at that stupid, adorable face. Who wouldn't want to see that on a giant campaign bus? I miss that imaginary bus, almost as much I miss knowing what "information" Higgins knows to kill his campaign.

Ben & Lauren Walking Out At Rallies Like This:


The straight up love on that campaign would have been unreal, and I know they'll still be cute without Higgins in office, but it would have distracted me from not knowing the "information."

Ben In More Suits


It is completely fair, because, buddy, that man wears the hell out of a suit. I hope Higgins wears a suit when he tells us what the "information" is.

Ben's Platforms Being Put Into Action


We all know Higgins was one of the more emotional Bachelors to be on the show, and I have a feeling every one of his speeches while in office would have ended like this. Tears. He just seems like the kind of guy who feels so much, and genuinely wants to help. I don't think he would have gotten into the corruption of government or tried to pull the wool over people's eyes. I think he honestly would have helped as best he could.

A Bigger Future in Politics


Think about it: Ben Higgins, governor of Colorado? Maybe even President Ben Higgins? Now, we'll never know. You know what else we might never know? What "information" is keeping this obviously prepared and willing candidate from running for office.

Whatever the reason for Higgins' untimely withdrawal from the race in Colorado, I'm sure it's justified. After all, he is, according to his time on TV and my judgement of his character, actually a good guy, whether he is in politics or just living happily ever after.