The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Blooper Reel Is Just What Fans Need — VIDEO

Season 6 of Game of Thrones was a lot to take in, to say the very least. A lot of cool but ominous things happened. Daenerys joined with a bunch of bold ladies of Westeros to take down the Lannisters, Cersei and Jon Snow were hailed as royalty, and Arya became free of the Faceless Men while still being able to use faces. Then, we got the news that Game of Thrones Season 7 will premiere later in the summer than the series usually does, and all those feelings we had of exultant joy (but also concern) melted away into intense sads (but also hopefulness). Something was needed to relinquish the mixed feelings, and HBO decided to help. The Game of Thrones Season 6 blooper reel is exactly what fans need right now.

HBO must have a Maester on the payroll, because somebody knew exactly what the best medicine would be. The blooper reel was shared on HBO's twitter account on Friday, July 22, in honor of that heralded and oh-most-sacred of times — San Diego Comic-Con, which started Wednesday, July 20, and will continue through the weekend to Sunday, July 24. Fans get to see the sorts of character breaking that would make any GoT-lover weep with joy, whether it's Alflie Allen doing Theon's immediate (and semi-profane) reaction at the icy water inn during his escape from Winterfell or The Hound's difficulty with an axe. (It seriously feels like Rory McCann will never break his character no matter how he struggles, and that is so delightful).

HBO has latched on to something here, and that is that everybody loves a good blooper reel. People lost their minds over real bloopers at the end of movies like Rush Hour or even fake bloopers in animated like Toy Story II and Monsters Inc. Give fans some green screen that hasn't been composited, a little physical comedy, and a few messed up lines, and they are good to go.

The stars of the reel are of course the stars of our hearts, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), and Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Clarke adds "f*ck" into her Dothraki as she struggles to remember her lines, Dinklage's difficulty with the word "benevolent" becomes the running gag of the blooper reel, and a dead Jon Snow jokingly covering his "manhood" when Melisandre pulls away his covering.

Never before have I felt such a sense of goofy joy in the wake of all the bad Game of Thrones news. Maybe it wouldn't hurt if there were blooper reels at the end of each episode of Season 7? Since winter has arrived with the white raven, and there are a lot of powerful players planning to make bold moves, it's definitely going to be an emotionally draining next two seasons. Who would say no to some levity at the end? Anyone? Bring on the bloopers.

Images: HBO_UK/Twitter; HBO (2)