Get Ready To See Sia In 'My Little Pony'

Good news, Sia fans. Your favorite songstress has signed on for a pretty exciting role. Sia will be starring in the My Little Pony movie as both an actress and a singer. In addition to playing the voice of Songbird Serenade, Sia will write two original songs slated to be on the movie’s soundtrack. As excited as I am for more Sia songs, though, the thing that I’m dying to see in all of this casting news is whether or not Sia reveals a whole new side of herself in the film. And by “a whole new side” I of course mean “her face.”

Granted, it won’t actually be Sia or her face as Songbird Serenade. The film is an animated one, so instead of Sia there will be a bright pony in her place. But many animated movies use elements of the voice actor’s facial features to capture the right expressions and mouth movements. That’s why Zoe Saldana’s character in Avatar looks so incredibly like Zoe Saldana. It really wasn’t a coincidence. But what I want to know is whether or not the animators will do the same thing with Sia’s facial expressions. If so, it would be a big reveal for the singer and songwriter, who often hides behind wigs and masks when performing in videos and in public.

Known best for her two-toned bow wig, it would be pretty amazing to see Sia’s face for the first time through a My Little Pony character. As much as she is clearly reluctant to show her face in public, giving us a little bit of her eye shape and mouth movement might be just enough for us to see a side of Sia we’ve never seen before.

So I’m going to hold out hope — and hang on to my magnifying glass — that we will be able to see a bit more of Sia in this new and exciting role of hers. And, just as a heads up, if you see a crazy lady getting really close to the screen to try to make out the shape of Songbird Serenade’s eyes on opening night, you’ll know it’s me. Sorry in advance for blocking your view.