The Clinton-Kaine Campaign Logo Proves These Two Make An Amazing Team

It’s match made in sign-making history. On Friday, Hillary Clinton announced Tim Kaine as her pick for vice president, and the media erupted with a number of in-depth pieces on the senator from Virginia. But while everyone else was asking the tough questions about this new running mate, I was more concerned with the things that really matter. Like how the Clinton-Kaine campaign logo proves that these two make a very amazing team.

There is a lot to vet about a vice-presidential candidate. Does their voting history align with the candidate's? Do their personal lives contain any secrets? Can they hold their own against the opposing party’s pick in a debate? All of these things have to be looked over so closely that I’m not entirely a presidential campaign puts much time into vetting the visual appeal of a candidate’s last name. Thankfully, I am here to take over those responsibilities (and to give the Clinton campaign a break), and I can assure that, visually, these two are already working very well together.

Just take a look at this impeccable logo. The image takes Hillary’s bold and geometrically pleasing logo, and turns it on its head — and somehow, it just works. Because not only does Kaine’s name fit perfectly underneath Clinton’s — anything longer may have taken the attention away from the presidential candidate’s name — there is also the masterful application of alliteration in this ticket. And that should really be commended, because how two names look together in a logo and how they sound in the mouths of voters is probably way more important than people realize. Like, does anyone remember the McClellan-Pendleton ticket?

I didn’t think so.

Sure, it might be because they were sort of overshadowed in 1864 by Lincoln and Johnson, but it might also be because those names together are a total mouthful.

So I say good on the Clinton campaign for picking a man whose ideals and policies align so perfectly with hers. But, more importantly, I commend them for picking a man whose name looks so aesthetically pleasing below hers.