What's In The Secret Room On 'Big Brother 18'? One Lucky Houseguest Could Change The Game

Anyone who has been watching Big Brother 18 knows that the hits and the games just keep on coming — and the houseguests have only been in the Big Brother house for about 38 days. First, Julie Chen and company staged a “Battle Back” competition in which all of the previously evicted houseguests battled it out for a chance to get back in the house and take another shot at the $500,000. Victor pulled it off, getting his old room back, but the really interesting part to me came at the end of the Battle Back episode. Julie Chen announced the existence of a secret room in the Big Brother house that could “change the game”. What’s in the secret room on Big Brother 18 ?

Julie said that there are little clues all around the house that point to this new room, and that the houseguest that figures it out could gain a serious advantage in the Big Brother 18 competition. I feel like Brad Pitt at the end of Se7en! Julie, what’s in the box? What’s in the room! The clues that Julie showed seemed to be related to global travel — a note about Tokyo, Japan; an image about going to Rio — and, apparently, the clues are just out in plain sight. In any case, the viewers at home are thrilled at the plot twist.

Who will be the one to find these clues and put them all together? Beats me. But I really wonder what the whole international theme has to do with Big Brother 18. My first guess would be to allow the houseguest who figures it all out to leave the house and come back without repercussions, but would that really give someone an advantage? Wouldn’t it just put a target on his or her back? That Julie Chen (and the team who creates the Big Brother puzzles) is a sly one, and there’s nothing that I wouldn’t put past them in terms of a prize.

Images: Monty Brinton/CBS