Kim Kardashian Sings Along To "Famous" & Proves She's Totally Unapologetic — VIDEO

The latest in the Kimye vs. T. Swift battle over Kanye West's Taylor Swift-themed lyrics in his song "Famous" is brought to you by Kim Kardashian's newest Snapchat. In a video posted on Saturday night, Kim K makes it clear that she is proud and unapologetic over sharing that now infamous phone call in which it's revealed that Swift and West had discussed his "Famous" lyrics ahead of time. In the new Snap, Kardashian can be seen with a friend singing along to the line — "I made that bitch famous" — loud and proud, and while her friend covers her mouth in a jokingly shocked way, Kardashian plows right through it and even fist pumps. The video makes it totally clear that Kardashian has no intention of apologizing for sharing that first Snapchat, and is seemingly happy to have taken part in the whole drama.

If you need a recap, remember that in February, West dropped a song on his album Life of Pablo called "Famous" with the now also famous line, "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/I made that bitch famous." Though Swift seemingly denounced the line during a Grammys acceptance speech with the quote, "there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame," Kardashian later claimed to GQ that Swift had full knowledge of the song, because she and West had discussed it over the phone together. Then, in July, Kardashian proceeded to share video of West and Swift on the phone discussing the very song in question on her Snapchat account. Immediately, the internet lost its collective mind.

And while sharing the "Famous" conversation on Snapchat had some repercussions, like the concern that Swift will press charges because it can be illegal to record someone's phone call without their knowledge, Kardashian doesn't seem to be all too worried. Instead, she's taking pride in being the person to reveal West and Swift's conversation and having plenty of fun, as shown by that latest Snapchat. According to US Weekly, it was taken when Kardashian and her crew went to a Jennifer Lopez show at Caesar's Palace in Vegas and danced the night away. The group even helped J.Lo ring in her 47th birthday in with a giant birthday cake.

Say what you will about the whole controversy, but it is interesting to see Kardashian sticking to her guns and having a great time despite any controversy that resulted from sharing that phone call. Clearly, she's not sorry for what she did, and is instead proud of the role she played in getting that phone call heard. It's all fun and good, but still, I long for the day when Kardashian, West, and Swift can all hang out and dance to "Famous" together without anger.

Images: kimksnapchats/Instagram (2)