Kylie's Bronze Kyshadow Palette Costs How Much?

The has been plenty of speculation and hints dropped about Kylie Jenner expanding her Kylie Cosmetics empire beyond her matte Lip Kits, her super shiny Kylie Glosses, and her Metal Mattes. Well, Jenner confirmed that Kylie Cosmetics eye makeup is actually happening. Go ahead — freak out, shake your thang, do a happy dance, and then come back down to Earth. Kylie's first Kyshadow Palette is called "Bronze" and it consists of nine gorgeous, buildable, blendable bronze shades that are seriously stunning. UPDATE: Jenner tweeted that the Bronze Kyshadow Palette will be $42.

EARLIER: Kylie Jenner's eyeshadow palette will most likely be available the via Kylie Cosmetics site, which is the brand's sole sales platform to date. The Bronze Kyshadow Palette will be available on a date that's yet to be announced, leaving a little mystery behind the launch.

But how much is Kylie Cosmetics eye makeup? Well, it's not entirely clear yet, based on the video Jenner posted teasing the product (and demonstrating how to create the perfect eye look with it). While Jenner didn't share pricing for the palette, we can gauge its price in comparison to her liquid lipsticks. Here's a safe prediction: The palette could cost around $45 or $50. Since the palettes are going to be released relatively soon, according to the video, more details are undoubtedly on the way.

You'll get nine shadows with which to create an endless amount of customer eye makeup looks.

At first, Kylie Jenner teased a new addition to her product line by posting an image of a single eye with well-manicured brow, along with thick, curled, voluminous lashes, and smudged liner along the upper lash line and lid. It's been a "summer of surprises" for Kylie Cosmetics, with the blue Fourth of July shades, the four Lip Kit shades turned into glosses, and three brand-new Lip Kit colors in the form of Ginger, Kristen, and Maliboo. Fans were guessing about what was coming — some wondered if she was dropping an eye kit, false lashes, or Kyliner or Kyshadow or Kybrow products.

Her first teaser post was black, white, and gray. It looked like an artsy pencil sketch. It also had makeup fans losing their collective minds. She confirmed all details via the Kylie Jenner site and app, which are accessible via paid subscriptions. News crossed over to social media quickly.

While I love the KLKs and the Kylie Glosses, it was totally time for her to tackle a new facial feature. Her eye makeup is always banging, and now fans and customers can copy it!

Jenner's eyes and her lips have long been her signatures. This profile shot, which was meant to show off her ear piercings, really calls attention to her pouty pucker and her dramatic lashes and lids. Jenner admitted in the tutorial on her site and app that she has been slaying The Bronze Kyshadow Palette in all of her Snaps and Insta pics for the past five to six months. It was hiding in plain sight.

I am totally loving this Kylie Jenner Summer of Surprises! The Bronz Kyshadow Palette is the first of several. #ByeMoney.

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Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2)