If You Want To Catch Charizard On "Pokemon Go" ...

by Dasha Fayvinova

Like every hot-blooded American with a smart phone, I have spent my last week glued to my screen in search of Pokemon. This game has taken over my life in a major way and has caused to me walk outside in 100 degree weather just for a chance at a rare catch. Like me, many people are addiction-level-hooked and filled with questions like "Can you catch a Charizard in 'Pokemon Go'?". I personally have not seen one in my area of Los Angeles, but I have heard that a few users have had the Pokemon gods smile down on them. I guess this means I have to walk around some more!

The easiest way to get a Charizard in "Pokemon Go" is to evolve a Charmander to his highest potential. Since you can have him as a starter Pokemon, this makes things a bit easier. The only difficult part will be catching more of these Pokemon types in order to get special Charmander candy — you'll need 25 candies to evolve into a Charmeleon. You will need another 100 Charmander candies to evolve Charmeleon into Charizard. This process will take some effort, but if you do not live in an area close to a Charizard hot spot, this might be your only way to complete the Pokedex. You will also earn a lot of experience points for evolving your Pokemon, and double that amount if you also use a lucky egg during the evolution process.

The second way is catching Charizard in the wild. This requires a lot of planning and walking. I would suggest surfing the web for some Pokemon tips. I looked around and the internet has claimed that you have a better chance of catching this majestic creature near a hillside of mountain area. Currently there is a very powerful Sand Fire raging in LA's hills, so I won't be exploring there for a little while. If anyone living elsewhere can check it this mountain theory out for me, I would forever be grateful.

Below is a video of a mass "Pokemon Go" event where people were stampeding to catch a wild Charizard. You can skip to the 8:20 mark to watch it appear on their phone screens.

But if you are looking to evolve your Charmander into a Charizard — essentially avoiding all the running, this following video might serve you better. It shows a user evolving his Pokemon step by step, and showing you exactly what materials you will need for your Pokemon adventure.

I cannot wait to catch one myself! Hopefully I don't waste all of my PokeBalls on it. It seems Twitter users have caught them in real life, and swear they are easier to catch when they are sleepy!

Guess it's time for a night hunt. Gotta catch 'em all.

Images: WB