Jaclyn Hill Deleted Her Latest YouTube Video

Jaclyn Hill's videos are a weekly ritual for many of her fans. While Hill's life is understandably busy, she always makes as much time as possible to post new YouTube videos for her fans. So why did Jaclyn Hill delete her latest YouTube video? The YouTube sensation and makeup artist has been dealing with a lot of hate as of the most recent weeks, and for the talented Hill, who has always been up front and honest with fans about her issues dealing with those negative forces, things have sort of come to a head. UPDATE: Hill has reuploaded her video, explaining that she didn't expect the fan reaction to be so strong. Regardless of Hill's decision to place her video back on, she is still listening to what she needs, doing what she wants for her fans, and slaying while she does it.

Hill has always been as open with fans as she can be for a public figure. Whether she's answering questions about her personal life during question and answer videos or sharing unexpected parts of her life via her Snapchat. Now, she's opening up again big time and reminding fans that self-care is nothing to apologize for.

On Monday, Jaclyn Hill deleted her latest YouTube tutorial. The tutorial — on her summer foundation routine — should have been a great lesson in how to prevent your makeup from caking up or melting down during the hottest months. However, after putting the video up, Hill began to receive what seems to be thousands of hateful comments suggesting that the perennially honest YouTuber is a "fake" and "sponsored" and "ugly."

While Hill has faced backlash recently due to controversy surrounding the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection eyeshadow palette, things seemed to have calmed down in the beauty community regarding the criticism of the guru. Apparently, however, the haters are out in full force causing Hill to pull her video. While the hate may have gotten to Hill, she's unapologetic about pulling the video, and she's got every right to do so.

In a Snapchat video, Hill explained to fans that while she has many people behind her telling her to ignore the hate, having thousands of comments that are negative being hurled at her takes its toll. Instead of continuing to receive the hate, Hill deleted the video explaining, "I'm just not in the best place right now, and I can't take it...I have the right to delete something when I want to and it effects me. I just need a moment."

Sure fans will be bummed when they find out that Jaclyn Hill deleted her latest YouTube video, but her reasoning is exactly why her fans love her. Not only was she honest about the hate she was receiving and the effect it was taking on her, but she was also advocating for self-love in a lot of ways. Hill knows what she can and can't handle, and she takes her "moments" when she needs them. We can all learn a thing or two about being more kind to ourselves.

Images: Jaclyn Hill/Instagram