Tate On 'So You Think You Can Dance' Is Pretty Much Already An All-Star

Since the first time that So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation highlighted the Canadian ballet and contemporary dancer Tate, it was obvious she was something special. During the third week of live shows on July 25, Tate on So You Think You Can Dance solidified that she's already a SYTYCD All-Star in her own right. Yes, Tate is competing on the show as a Next Generation dancer, but there is honestly no doubt in my mind that she's going down in So You Think You Can Dance history as one of the best dancers to grace the stage.

I had thought during her first live performance with All-Star Kathryn that it was hard to tell who was the All-Star and who was the Next Generation dancer and the same phenomenon happened during their Brian Friedman-choreographed dance on July 25. While I was thinking it, judge Jason Derulo came right out and said it when he commented, "I wouldn't be able to tell who was the pro and who was just starting out as the Next Generation." And as Jason noted, his compliment to Tate was in no way intended to be insulting to Kathryn — it just meant that Tate is really that good.

Nigel Lythgoe agreed with Jason when he said that Tate was "a step above everybody else" in the competition this season and she's been proving that every opportunity she gets. Although she is one of the older competitors, which is obviously a clear advantage, she still has a maturity in her presentation and performance style that is rare for her age. She's also technically pretty spectacular — not to mention she's outrageously flexible. Tate is perhaps the most controlled dancer this season while also being one of the most dynamic.

Although every dancer who has made it to the top 10 on The Next Generation could end up going professional, I'm fairly certain that once her time on the show is over, she'll have no issue continuing her dance career. And as she told Nigel, she's keeping her options open.

Image: Adam Rose/FOX