14 'Fringe' Quotes To Drop Into Conversation When You Want To Sound Smarter


As a perfect blend of cop show procedural, bizarre mystery, and sci-fi, the genre-bending Fringe was destined for greatness (by greatness, I clearly mean a small, but fervent fan base, and an unforgettable legacy). The show was as quick and filled with oddities as it was intelligent, which is why there are so many Fringe quotes that you can drop into any conversation to make yourself sound smarter. You didn't think I was going to make that connection, did you? Oh, I did.

Thanks to the amazing and somehow relatable FBI agent Olivia Dunham, Dr. Walter Bishop, Dr. William Bell (played by the Leonard Nimoy), and Walter's estranged son Peter, Fringe is so densely packed with story and character that it's easily of the most highly quotable shows to have ever graced our screens. Below, you will find 14 lines from Fringe that you can add into your daily convos to make yourself sound smarter. (Spoiler alert: a large majority of these quotes are, unsurprisingly, from Walter Bishop because no one can ever understand what he's saying. You know, because he's too brilliant and hilarious for us mere mortals.)

1. On Using Any Type Of Phone Other Than A Cell Phone

Someone hands you a house phone to use? How dare they. Drop this line.

2. On Mobius Strips (AKA Something About Math)

Peter Bishop: is that it?

September: You say that as if we're not carrying enough technology that can bend space and time into a Mobius strip.

The Mobius strip is a surface with only one side, one boundary, and no edges. Think: a looped paper strip with a half twist. Basically, it's a non-orientable mathematical property and referencing it in any way, shape, or form (pun intended) will make you sound like you understand things about the world.

3. On IQs

A pretty sick burn. Only use this if you highly dislike whomever you are speaking to. Also, maybe try not saying it out loud? Just looking out.

4. On Proving Others Wrong (Only If You Have To)

A little harsh, but if you must, you must.

5. On Lasers

It's never not a good idea to use "fire up that laser" in a sentence, especially and most pertinently when you are putting on airs.

6. On Robots

Should you ever find yourself in a mental brawl with a robot, use this line to assert dominance. Then, run away as fast as your human legs will allow.

7. On Low-Key Bragging About All The Languages You Speak

The best way to let people know that you speak a lot of languages is to tell them that you speak a lot of languages.

8. On Mime Knowledge

Party trick alert. Any time someone says "mine," pretend that you heard "mime" and drop the name "Marcel Marceau" to prove that you know (at the very least) the name of one famous mime. What else do you know, you overflowing cup of performative arts trivia?

9. On Asking For An Instrument Or Piece Of Cutlery

At the dinner table and/or if you are out to dinner with people you are trying to impress, always ask for "the long handle stainless spoon" instead of just "the spoon."

10. On The Universe Collapsing

The "she" in question can be anyone from a celebrity to someone in politics to your own mother. As long as you are talking about the collapsing of universes, you will sound bright.

11. On Your Own Power

The ultimate humble brag: comparing yourself to God, but also admitting that you are not quite as almighty. Keep yourself grounded and yet above it all.

12. On Chess (As A Metaphor For Life)

William Bell: "In this game of skill one must have above all else, patience. The board changes, but very slowly. The art of chess, the art is knowing when a piece is most valuable and then, in that very moment, being willing to sacrifice it. For in the vacuum created by the loss of what is most precious, opportunity abounds, influences maximize, and desire becomes destiny."

OK, Bobby Fisher.

13. On Pick Up Lines

A genius pick up line that makes you appear 1.) dreamy and 2.) astute.

14. On Introducing Yourself

September: "I am called September, but that is a code designation given members of our scientific team."

Just replace "September" with your own name, and prepare to leave everyone in awe upon meeting you.

Now, go forth, smarty pants, and wow them all with your intellect.

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