6 Charts & Graphs Only True "Pokemon Go" Fans Get

As anyone who has ever gotten together with multiple family members at once knows, family gatherings mean that you're going to be bombarded with questions about your life. "How's school?" "Are you seeing anyone?" "How's your job going?" "What are you doing at work?" It's my answer to this last question that everyone was most interested in, because lately, my work has revolved around one thing: playing"Pokemon Go."

Everyone was intrigued by the concept of my job involving writing about the "Pokemon Go" craze that has taken over since its release a few weeks ago. I was asked questions ranging from "So how exactly do you catch a Pokemon?" to "What is a "Pokemon Go" meetup like?" Through writing multiple stories about the augmented reality game, I've become quite the Pokemon expert, so of course I had all the answers. I know exactly what it's really like to be obsessed with "Pokemon Go."

If you've also become quite the "Pokemon Go" fanatic since downloading the addictive app, which now boasts 75 million downloads since its U.S. release, then you'll be able to totally relate to these six charts and graphs that perfectly sum up the experience of trying to catch 'em all.

1. Where All That Time Playing Goes

Will we ever find out why the app freezes pretty much any time we try to catch a Pokemon?

2. Your Battery Life

You know the struggle is real when you debate buying a portable phone charger specifically to keep playing "Pokemon Go."

3. Reasons To Go Outside

Do you think my dog knows the reason I'm taking her on so many walks is because I'm trying to hatch an egg?

4. The Pokemon You Actually Find

"Hello, yes, "Pokemon Go" Headquarters? Can I speak to someone about getting some new non-Pidgey Pokemon in my backyard?"

5. What You're Really Using The Game For

Hold still, there's a Bulbasaur in your lap!

6. Coming Up With Nicknames For Your Pokemon

Where's the update that allows us to use emojis in our Pokemon names? The snake emoji is begging to be used here.

Images: Helen Tseng for Bustle