The KyShadow Palette Is Definitely Worth The Price

by Kali Borovic

The #summerofsurprises is still continuing with Kylie Cosmetics, and their latest product is off to an exciting start. Kylie Jenner recently unveiled her KyShadow Palette and got all of her fans pretty excited. But besides the gorgeous packaging and earth-toned colors, you might be wondering if the KyShadow Palette is even worth it. Well, in my opinion it totally is, for a few important reasons.

As soon as news of Jenner's new KyShadow palette came out, I assumed it would be a pretty pricey palette. She might be somewhat new to the beauty game, but people totally rave about her products and some might be willing pay a bit more for the Jenner name. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out is was only $42. I guess I shouldn't say only, since that it way more than drugstore prices, but it could be worse!

Let's break down exactly what this means. You get nine bronze-y toned shadows in the palette, which means that each single shadow costs about $4.60 each. Considering how big these shadow pans are, I'd say that this is definitely worth it. Some other companies charge up to $10 a pop for much smaller pans than the ones in Jenner's first Kyshadow release. Not to mention the packaging looks really luxe.

From looking at her Snapchat swatches and tutorials, it's clear to see that these are pretty pigmented too. Jenner and her friends have been using the palette for some time now, so it must be pretty good.

I'd also like to point out the color selection. While some palettes are designed to get the most looks possible out of one round-up of shades, Jenner stuck with the same kind of staple earth-tones that look great together. Sure, it's still pretty versatile, but it's not trying to hard.

Then there's the packaging. Because let's be real, most people will pay extra for something if it looks pretty. In my opinion, this is absolutely gorgeous packaging.

Bottom line: If Jenner loves it this much, then you probably will too.

Images: KylieJenner/Instagram (1)