Lena Dunham Is Really Excited To Be At The DNC

When it comes to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, there is one particular Hollywood star who is really, really, really excited to be part of the event. The following photos of Lena Dunham at the DNC prove not only is she pumped to be in Philadelphia, but her love of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has no bounds. Like many other celebs, the Girls creator is at the political event in support of Clinton and to speak on her behalf. Does that really surprise anyone? What's also not shocking whatsoever is to see the Golden Globe winner acting like a little kid (and even an adult, aka me) on Christmas morning.

Her social media posts started early Tuesday showcasing her ride on the bus to the convention center. The 30-year-old writer is also decked out in pro-Clinton gear, can't stop smiling, and has also shared a few videos for her followers. So far, she's only posted a handful on Twitter and Instagram, but I have a feeling there will be plenty more as the day continues.

For those unaware, Dunham has a deep love for Clinton. From the beginning of the 2016 election, the actor has stood by Clinton and has even gone on the campaign trail for her. Yeah, Dunham + Clinton = a match made in heaven. With that, let's check out Dunham at the DNC. Just try not to smile at her adorable giddiness.

The "Party Bus"

She's so ready.

Her Hillary Gear

Which necklace do you like best?

The Face Of Excitement

She holds that pass proudly.

This Collar Is Major

She had to put on the collar.

Dunham Has Arrived

Do you think she has butterflies?

Seriously, It's Happening

This definitely deserves a thumbs up.

Be sure to keep an eye on Dunham's social media accounts, because she will surely share more from her time at the DNC.