This Is How Long Kyshadow Will Take To Ship

by Augusta Statz

When you receive that order confirmation notification from Kylie Cosmetics you’re probably ready for your product to just magically appear at your doorstep instantly. Because seriously, who wants to wait for their order to be processed and shipped? Well, you’re going to want to find out how long Kyshadow will take to ship because much like the lippies, it’s not going to be able to get to you soon enough.

Although, it really doesn’t take all that long for your package to be delivered. Patience is just hard to come by, you know? According to the Kylie Cosmetics shipping policy, orders take three to five business days to be processed. Then, it takes an additional three to six days to ship via USPS to the United States. For international order, expect 10-15 business days before your package arrives. The cost of flat rate shipping to the U.S. is $8.95, while it’s $14.95 internationally.

Given that there’s likely going to be an overwhelming amount of people trying to get their hands on a Kyshadow Bronze palette, be prepared for order processing to take up to the full five days, that way, if you get that shipping confirmation any sooner, you’ll just be pleasantly surprised. Try to resist the urge to sit and stare at your inbox, you will receive an email saying that your package has sent, all in good time! Kylie Jenner wouldn’t let you down.

No matter how long it takes to get to you, the day this arrives will be a glorious one, indeed! Personally, I've always had my Kylie Cosmetics purchases ship within one to two days of purchasing.

And other people seem to be impressed by how quickly their products arrive, too.

This customer's product only took six days to get to New Zealand. Not bad!

Although, not everyone is pleased with the price of shipping/how long it takes to ship.

But hey, shadows this great are worth the money and the wait, if you ask me.

Jenner's been working hard to make improvements to her company, so the shipping policy may very well be on her list of things to reevaluate next.

Until then, get excited for your Kyshadow palette to arrive (if you're able to snag one). Because there's no feeling quite like the one when that package lands on your doorstep. Cue the happy tears!

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