Lena Dunham Reacting To Hillary's Nom Is Powerful

Everybody be sure to wear appropriate head gear, because the glass ceiling we've all been stuck under now has a big crack in it. On this now historic Tuesday, Hilary Rodham Clinton was voted in as the Democratic nominee in the race for President of the United States by the Democratic National Convention. This event went down during a roll call vote on the second day of the convention — and with it, Democrats elected the first female nominee of a major political party. Regardless of one's political affiliation, it's difficult to deny this is truly a victory for women everywhere. Major campaigners Lena Dunham and America Ferrera were so touched by the events, they were literally moved to tears — and the image captured of both Dunham and Ferrera tearing up is so powerful, it defines how many of the rest of us are feeling.

Dunham shared the image on her Instagram and captioned it, "the moment it became real." From the look on both her and Ferrera's faces, it's clear how passionate they feel about Clinton earning the presidential nomination, and the importance that goes along with that victory.

Both Dunham and Ferrera have done an amazing job through their performances in films and television shows of representing women, and with this powerful image, they managed to do the same thing yet again. Less than 100 years ago, women didn't even have the right to vote, and now a woman is the democratic presidential nominee. The emotion Dunham and Ferrera display perfectly showcases the power behind that fact.

Check out the image below.