Chad Had Serious Accusations For Robby On 'Bach'

Just when you thought the season of The Bachelorette had given all the drama it could, the Men Tell All special takes it up a notch. I was a fan of Chad for about half of the season, as his antics grew tiresome after the fifth episode, but he sat with Chris Harrison on Men Tell All and really let the fur fly. When questioned about hanging out with the ex-girlfriends of Robby and Grant, Chad claimed that Robby threatened his ex-girlfriend, Hope Higginbotham, to keep her from talking about their relationship, which is a very serious allegation. In response, Robby tweeted that his ex and Chad were "spread[ing] lies" about him during the episode (you can see the tweet below). Update: Following Chad's claims, Robby sent Bustle a statement about the situation (which you can read here) claiming that he has not spoken to Hope since their break-up and has not spoken to Chad since Chad was eliminated from The Bachelorette. According to Robby, he had a conversation with Hope's roommate about the claims, and part of his statement claims this happened as follows:

"I explained to [Hope's roommate] that it has been exhausting dealing with their antics on social media and in other various outlets. From the rumors of me leaving [Hope] for the show, to her posting pictures with Chad calling me out with false accusations, to her latest instagram post that she actually directly tagged me in, I have remained quiet, respectful, and honest!

...That same day I was told Hope was writing a letter to reality Steve and asked him to end this negative talk and put it in both of our past. Although I was happy she said she wants all of this in the past (because thats exactly what we are to each other, the past) I was not okay with the fact that she had insinuated that I threatened her.

Isn't it ironic that Chad filmed men tell all on Saturday (July 16th) and said I threatened Hope which is before my talk with her roommate and her letter to Reality Steve... With that being said, it is likely another publicity stunt like their photo together and it is not worth my emotions."

Earlier: According to Reality Steve, arbiter of all things Bachelor Nation, Steve reached out to Hope for an interview following the claim that “her roommate” had been spreading lies about Robby and their relationship, and Hope responded with an email that allegedly said, “Unfortunately, I will not be able to follow through with the interview you requested. It has been brought to my attention by the opposing party that any further actions on my part, will result in negative consequences.” Here's what Robby had to say on Twitter while Chad was making these claims about threats.

Damn. This is one serious he-said, she-said — the allegations here are not exactly light. But I think Hope said it best later on in her email to Reality Steve: “Only Robby and I know the words spoken and events leading up to our break up.” I don’t think it’s possible to ever know the truth — none of us were there, not even Chad, munching on ham in the shadows.

Image: Michael LeGrand/ABC