'Cursed Child' Production Photos Are Finally Here

As any faithful Potterhead knows, the script of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child drops on July 31 at a bookstore near you — and to celebrate, they just released production photos of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that are about to make your little No-Maj head spin. In the photos, we get plenty of time with our OG faves Harry, Ron, and Hermione, as well as some ridiculously precious photos of the newbie gen as well. I have to warn anyone who wants to remain pure AF before reading the script or seeing the play (side note, if you have tickets, I hate you): There are potential spoilers ahoy. But like, official, Rowling-approved type spoilers, so I presume it's all good in the Potterhood.

While the photos do very little to hint at what the actual plot of this installment, lovingly dubbed the "eighth Harry Potter book," they do give us some insight to the state of everyone's relationships with each other 20 years after the Battle of Hogwarts. As we all knew they would be, it seems all of Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron's kids are friends; and as we all knew they would be, it seems that the Golden Trio is still #SquadGoals. The one wrench thrown into this dynamic is, as many have predicted, the existence of the Malfoys. In case you were hoping those pictures of Scorpius looking like someone was kidnapping his puppy were a fluke, SURPRISE! They were not. In fact, most vibes that fans felt from the first round of cast photos seem to be very much proving themselves intentional.

I am bolding this sentence yet again to tell you that some humans might consider these images spoiler-ish! But if you are OK with that, then by all means, proceed. Here are some things we know now that we can definitely expect from this play:

Hey Now, Hey Nowwwww, The Squad Is Back


How can I have this much FOMO over a group of fictional characters in a fictional world even now?

The Baby Squad Is Also Precious

So much friendship, so little tiiiiime!

And — GASP — Scorpius has joined their ragtag crew! (Does he know Albus is half-Weasley???)

OMG, it's too perfect for my eyeballs, STAWP. This is full circle AF, y'all.


There Is Some ~Romance~

Funny how adorable everyone is when nobody's actively trying to murder them.

Or are they ... ?

Scorpius Still Needs Your Help

Someone please call SPS (Scorpius Protective Services).


Ominous Bad Stuffs Are Going Down, Yo



Oh, Harry, you veritable angst bucket.

Brood brood brood brood.

Albus Is A Baby Badass

Don't mess, ya punks.

HOLD THE PHONE: yes, whatever this blanket is must have some significance, but pause because Albus's Muggle clothes are basically identical to Harry's in — well, every movie he was ever in. Potter boys are digging that t-shirt/hoodie/jeans combo.

Ch-ch-check that swag.

Dumbledore's Back To Mess Everything Up Again

Er, I mean, back with his supreme wisdom. *Cough*.

Hogwarts Is Still Undervaluing Hufflepuffs

COME ON, GUYS. Do we all need remedial courses in flag holding?? SMH.

Malfoy Is Part Of The Squad Now??

I'm gonna need to see the receipts.

All The Tears, All The Time, Please Take My Kidney So I Can Afford To See This, Thanks

In conclusion, everything is the best because these photos are here, and everything is the worst because you are not with them. Check out the gallery at the Harry Potter the Play website, and be sure to send good vibes to the cast! The show officially opens on July 31.

Images: Photographer Manuel Harlan/Courtesy of Harry Potter the Play